Edmonton flu shot clinics closed over weekend

Despite unusually high numbers of flu cases this year, AHS has closed flu shot clinics in Edmonton due to lack of demand.

Despite higher than normal influenza rates in Edmonton, the city’s immunization clinics were closed over the weekend.

Clinics remained open in Calgary over the weekend.

Alberta Health Services spokesman Kerry Williamson says the clinics were closed because so few people looking for the vaccine in Edmonton/

"Unfortunately, we just don’t have the demand to open up those clinics, and to staff those clinics," he said.

AHS has reported over 780 flu cases in the province since August - much higher than what was seen last flu season.

Nearly half of those cases have been in Edmonton.

The illness has put a strain on the health care system, with surgeries being postponed in Edmonton and Calgary.

Williamson says even though the clinics are closed over the weekend, people shouldn’t have any trouble getting a flu shot.

"We have clinics across the city that are open most days during the week," he said.

"We would just encourage those people to go out and make the most of those clinics and get vaccinated."