Edmonton filmmaker Lindsey McNeill on her way to Cannes Film Festival

An Edmonton filmmaker will be looking to knock George Clooney over — literally — at the Cannes Film Festival this May as she works to promote her new horror film.

'I’m scared of everything … it’s very ironic,' says horror filmmaker Lindsey McNeill

Edmonton writer, actress and producer Lindsey McNeill is on her way to the Cannes Film Festival. (Facebook)

An Edmonton filmmaker will be looking to knock George Clooney over — literally — at the Cannes Film Festival this May when she works to promote her new horror film.

Screenwriter, actor and producer Lindsey McNeill was handpicked to represent Canada at Cannes with her film project Gillian's Just Right — a dark and psychological horror film about a woman confronting her family legacy of violence, madness and monstrosity.

Work on the project started a few years ago, when McNeill filmed this concept trailer:

She then submitted the trailer and film script to the Creative Minds Program, which helps to connect emerging filmmakers with industry professionals in several of the world’s largest film festivals — including Cannes.

McNeill admits her first reaction to finding out she was on her way to France was straight-up terror (“I’m scared of everything … it’s very ironic,” she admits) — but then she got down to the business of trying to raise the $5,000 necessary to cover her trip.

Work on Gillian's Just Right began several years ago when filmmaker Lindsey McNeill submitted a concept trailer to the Creative Minds Program. (Facebook)
“I appealed to Edmonton to help support artists and [people came through] in record time. This happened in nine days.”

“And now I’m going to France, officially,” she said Monday. “I can’t believe it’s actually happening.”

While there, McNeill will spend most of her time in workshops, where she’ll learn how to network, set up financing and distribution.

“It’s not going to be beaches and red carpets for me — it’s going to be hard work,” she said. “It’s going to change my life.”

But McNeill does plan on taking a little time out of her busy schedule for one favour: “I have strict orders from my mom to knock George Clooney over — but in a polite way.”

McNeill will be in Cannes from May 11 to May 20. When she returns home to Edmonton, she plans on polishing off her script.

She hopes to shoot the film next winter.


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