Edmonton AM is in search of a new theme song

Edmonton AM is in search of a new theme song - could it be written and performed by you?

Want your music to be featured daily on Edmonton AM?

How would you like your music to accompany Mark Connolly's dulcet tones each morning? If yes, read on. (CBC)

Edmonton AM is in search of some new music, and we're hoping some local musicians will be able to help us out.

What we want:

We need a new theme and we need music to play along with our weather and traffic reports.

Rather than using existing commercial music, we want to use music by local musicians. But sometimes it's hard to discover. We are constantly searching and we love to play music by local talent.

We're looking for a beat that reflects Edmonton — something young, fresh and with good energy.

How the music will be used

The theme: It's the little instrumental we play to start and end the show each hour — and we admit it's a little old school and flute-heavy. 

We'll be selecting a new theme in October, and the winner's music will be played about eight times a day (at the start and finish of each hour of Edmonton AM programming).

Weather and Traffic: Garrette McGowan gives a weather and traffic update with music about twice an hour — that means we need a LOT of instrumental cuts.

We'll start playing the new instrumental clips on air right away.

What you'll get out of the deal

You get your music played, so your band gets a great plug.  And, if you're registered with SOCAN, you'll get royalties whenever we play it.

What you need to do

Send your pre-existing instrumentals to Edmonton AM director Tim Adams. All files should be MP3 format.

And don't forget to include your Twitter handle so we can share your names on our social media accounts when we play your song.

Please note: We are not looking to commission new music — we are only interested in music you have already recorded.

Contact Tim: