'Dreamy Trudeau' tribute sweater hot seller in Alberta, company says

Canadians can show their love for their prime minister, quite literally, on their sleeve.

Garment features Prime Minister Justin Trudeau riding a stallion in paradise

The 'Dreamy Trudeau' sweaters are a hot commodity after selling out online.

Justin Trudeau's arrival in Ottawa triggered a stream of gushing descriptions in social media, with some admirers calling him a "dreamboat" and a "babe." 

And now fans of the prime minister can show their love, quite literally, on their sleeve.

A Toronto-based company is selling the 'Dreamy Trudeau' sweater online for the not-so-conservative price of $59.99.

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And believe it or not, the sweater has been a hot seller in Alberta, not generally known as a Liberal stronghold, a company spokesman says.

"We did some ads and we even excluded Alberta from the whole group, because we said, 'No one in Alberta would want the Dreamy Trudeau sweater,' " said Nicholas Montgomery, CEO of Shelfies - Outrageous Clothing.

"But it turns out that was the biggest market."

The sweater features a majestic scene: A windblown Trudeau in a tuxedo rides a stallion through lush, rolling hills with twinkling stars overhead.

"MrTrudeau, our country welcomes you as . . . sorry, where was I? Sorry, it seems I got lost in the glow of your sparkling blue eyes and perfectly placed hair," the official website description reads.

Trudeau sweater sells out 

The 'Dreamy Trudeau' sweater sold out within days of hitting the website, but buyers can still go on a wait list. However, Montgomery doesn't believe everyone rushing to buy it has sincere affection for the PM.

"I think a lot of them are buying them for their conservative friends, as a gift, as a joke, which we think is hilarious," he said.

Montgomery says the design team thought long and hard about the tribute to Trudeau. But after much deliberation the stallion scene came out the winner.

"We thought about having Trudeau drinking a bottle of maple syrup . . . maybe riding a moose or even holding a hockey stick while almost jousting it like a knife," Montgomery said.

Although Albertans are the biggest buyers, Montgomery says he was surprised to see people from all around the world ordering the kitschy garment.

"We're not sure if they think it's just a good-looking guy on a horse or if they know it's the prime minister, but either way we think it's great."