Distracted drivers will pay higher fines, earn demerit points

Drivers caught using smartphones will earn demerit points and pay higher fines.

MLA Moe Amery's bill to become law

Albertans will pay higher fines and earn three demerits if ticketed for distracted driving. (Associated Press)

Drivers caught using smartphones or other distracting devices will earn demerit points and pay higher fines. 

MLA Moe Amery's bill to toughen distracted driving penalties passed easily Monday through the legislature.

Fines will soon jump to $250 from $172, and come with three demerit points.

Alberta and Ontario are the only provinces that do not issue demerit points for drivers ticketed for distracted driving.   

Toughening the law has been on the government's radar since 2013 when Ric McIver, the transportation minister at the time, said the two-year-old legislation needed improvement.


  • An earlier version of the story stated Alberta was the only province currently not issuing demerits for distracted driving. The story has been corrected.
    Mar 24, 2015 12:44 PM MT