Pint-sized entrepreneur has big plans for her business

She might be the only self-made kid in her school. Grade 2 student Sophia Fairweather has her own business called Decals by Sophia.

Phone-saving decals are 'more pretty' than the competition

Sophia Fairweather is the brains behind Decals by Sophia (Tammy Moffat)

She might be the only self-made kid in Grade 2.

Sophia Fairweather has her own business called Decals by Sophia.

The product is a cellphone-adhering sticker that attaches to the dashboard of a vehicle for easy, hands-free access.

Best of all, it's not "prickly" like other decals.

"It's technically like Velcro but the prickly side's more soft and it's more pretty," said Sophia of her decals in an interview with CBC Radio`s Edmonton AM.

The idea came to the energetic entrepreneur when she was driving around with dad, and noticed an unsightly sticker on his dashboard.

 "I asked my dad why it's not pretty, why it's really prickly and my dad said, 'We can make it that way." 

Her father, Trevor Fairweather, liked the idea and supported his daughter's innovation. 

"I am a type of parent that instead of patting them on the head and saying 'Oh that's a good idea' it's like 'No, let's implement it'," Fairweather said.
Sophia Fairweather takes her business to the people. (Tammy Moffat )

Then he challenged her to make it pretty.

The two worked with a manufacturer in China to come up with the decals, which range from heart puzzles to corporate names. 

"One says 'Bell,'" Sophia said, admitting she'd like to get a deal from the communications giant.

The company has since sold more than 700 decals and, after a recent audition with CBC`s Dragons' Den, she hopes to pitch her product line on national television. 

New manager, new business idea

It may soon be time for her and her father to part company, professionally speaking.

She's hired staff to help with distribution, and hopes to raise enough money to "fire her dad."  

"My dad just wants to be a parent. He doesn't want to be a coach. I feel OK with that," Sophia said.

The young business owner isn't stopping with decals, though.

Her next idea is an app to connect people.

"Poor schools and poor countries can link together with people that have more experience and that have passion and then they can link together and make money together and make a business."