David Thurton

David Thurton is a national reporter in CBC's Parliamentary Bureau. He's worked for CBC in Fort McMurray, the Maritimes and in Canada's Arctic.

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Is Canada racist? Jagmeet Singh says 'no question' - then pulls his punches

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has been praised as a strong voice against intolerance and racism. But his remarks on the campaign trail show he's walking a fine and ambiguous line - and he's not the firebrand some imagine him to be.

Canada is 'awash in systemic racism,' says Green Leader Elizabeth May

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said today that Canada is "awash" in racism and the country has to do a better job of confronting it.

Jagmeet Singh says he'll work hard to win Rachel Notley's vote

Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said he hopes to eventually win over Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley, who has expressed doubts about voting for her party federally on Oct. 21.

The Green Party Express: campaigning by train with Elizabeth May

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May's recent rail tour of campaign stops in the Maritimes and Quebec was a microcosm of the Green campaign itself - environmentally responsible and off-the-cuff.

Greens wouldn't support a minority government that moves to build the Trans Mountain pipeline

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says she wouldn't prop up a minority government that moves forward with the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Boyle denies drugging estranged wife against her will

Former hostage Joshua Boyle — accused of assaulting his now-estranged wife, Caitlan Coleman — denies drugging her to make her more compliant, and said in court on Tuesday he only offered her his medication to calm her.

Boyle claims estranged wife was 'naked ... acting inappropriately' the night he called police

Former hostage Joshua Boyle — accused of assaulting his now-estranged wife, Caitlan Coleman — told his trial today that Coleman had stripped naked and was "worked up and acting inappropriately" the night he called 911.

Former hostage Joshua Boyle contradicts estranged wife's testimony

Former hostage Joshua Boyle took the witness box at his trial in Ottawa Wednesday, contradicting many of the accusations made against him by his estranged wife, Caitlan Coleman.

Crown downgrades one sexual assault charge against Joshua Boyle

Joshua Boyle's lawyers and the Crown agreed today to downgrade one of the sexual assault charges the former hostage faces, acknowledging there's not enough evidence to convict him on the charge as it stands.

After 4 years, the Liberals haven't released their plan for the Arctic

After four years in power, the Liberal government still hasn't delivered on a promise of a detailed plan for developing Canada's North in a time of climate change and economic and military threats from circumpolar powers.

Former top Canadian diplomat calls on Canada to impose sanctions on Hong Kong officials

A former Canadian diplomat said today it's time for Canada to consider sanctions as Hong Kong braces for a possible crackdown on pro-democracy protests by mainland China.

Trudeau and Pompeo urged to speak with one voice on China's response to Hong Kong protests

As U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sits down with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today, geopolitical watchers and at least one Hong Kong national are urging both leaders to speak with one voice when it comes to China's response to the democratic protest movement in Hong Kong.

Opposition parties to push for ethics commissioner to testify on SNC-Lavalin scandal

With just weeks to go before an election call, opposition MPs plan to put Liberals on the spot with a motion to bring Canada's ethics commissioner before a Commons committee to testify about his conclusion that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau broke Canada's conflict of interest laws.

Joshua Boyle's lawyers seek to exclude evidence from estranged wife, in-laws

Defence lawyers for Joshua Boyle want an Ontario court to discard portions of the evidence from his estranged wife, Caitlan Coleman, and his in-laws.

Got a simple pot conviction? There's a new pardon system

The federal government has unveiled a free and quicker way for Canadians to apply for pardons for simple cannabis possession.