Credit card scam prompts police to issue warning to merchants

Police are alerting store owners to a scam where a customer buys prepaid credit cards with false data.

Two men charged with fraud after northwest Edmonton gas station bilked for $3,800

Edmonton police say two men scammed store clerks by using damaged payment cards and false information to buy prepaid credit cards in a scam. (CBC)

Police are alerting store owners to a scam where a customer buys prepaid credit cards with false data. 

The warning comes after two men were charged with fraud after buying $3,800 in prepaid Visa gift cards at a gas station at 133rd Street and 118th Avenue.

"We believe other stores in the city may have been affected by this scam," said Const. Robert Pinter Tuesday in a news release.

Police said two men had visited the gas station on a number of occasions between May 25 and 28 and on June 1 to purchase anywhere from $300 to $800 in prepaid credit cards during a transaction.

The men would then try paying with a credit or debit card with a damaged magnetic stripe.

When the sale didn't go through, the clerk was given false personal information which was used to process the purchase.

"We encourage store merchants to review their practices when it comes to verifying payment information for any financial transaction," Pinter said.

Two men aged 31 and 33, are charged with fraud under $5,000 and unauthorized use of credit card data.