Edmonton AM's summer reading list

We’ll be updating this all summer long to bring you the most comprehensive list of book recommendations, curated by Edmontonians.

It's the perfect time to pick up a good book

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Whether you're a seasoned reader or looking for a book to get you back in the swing of reading, CBC's Edmonton AM has you covered.

All summer long, Edmonton's favourite morning show is asking around town for the best books to get you through the summer.


The reader: Marty Chan

The read: The One-2-One series by Lorna Shultz Nicholson

Chan often turns to local and Alberta authors, including the One-2-One series by Lorna Schultz Nichsolson. The novels, which follow two teenagers paired together by their school's 'Best Buddies Club'. Using their two voices, the novel explores their relationship as they open their minds and the stories are "very heartfelt". 

All summer long, we're talking to local writers and asking them for great summer reads. Marty Chan is an award-winning Edmonton playwright and author. 3:42

The reader: Alice Major, writer and former poet laureate

The read: Timefulness: How thinking like a geologist can help save the world by Marcia Bjornerud

Major says Bjornerud's book isn't "exactly light romance or anything", but is a source of inspiration for her. The book is a "kind of history of the earth… and how rocks and geological phenomena tell us about where we are". She says she often turns to science books for context and inspiration. Plus "if you just want to think about a moment that's not right now, it's a great read" she says.

Edmonton's first ever poet laureate- Alice Major - with ideas for reading this summer. 6:31

The reader: Alison Clarke, writer and artist

The read: Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama

Clarke read Obama's first book last year and it has resonated with her since — especially as protests against anti-Black racism lit up the globe after the death of George Floyd. She says its all about "the importance of knowing your roots, knowing who you are" and how "we don't achieve anything alone".

We add another read to our lackadaisical book club. 5:58

The reader: Richard Van Camp, storyteller and author

The reads:

Five Little Indians by Michelle Good 

Five Little Indians connects Van Camp to his mother's experience in residential school, as it follows five residential school survivors in Vancouver. He says this is the time "to really explore the books out there that are going to knock your socks off."

Pass Me By: Gone Fishin' by Kyle Simmers and Ryan Danny Owen

Locally published, Pass Me By: Gone Fishin' is "one of the most beautiful graphic novels" Van Camp has ever read, and follows the story of a senior progressing through Alzheimer's disease in northern Alberta.

Essential books for the summer of 2020. We'll get recommendations from best selling author, Richard Van Camp. 8:42

The reader: Matthew Stepanic, co-owner Glass Bookshop

The read: Molly of the Mall by Heidi L. M. Jacobs

About the book: It's the 1990s, in Edmonton. Molly works in one of the many shoe stores in West Edmonton Mall. Written in the style of Jane Austen, "Molly is super easy to connect to" and "doesn't get sick once."

We kick off our Summer Reads column with a local bookshop that's bursting with recommendations. 7:44

Over the course of the summer, we'll be updating this list every week. Be sure to stop by to check out our next recommendation for your summer read.

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