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Associate Producer/Technician

Clare Bonnyman, an associate producer and technician with Edmonton AM, is a storyteller with a passion for multimedia and multi-vitamins. With a focus on audio and creative sound production, she likes making things that sound good. Reach out at

Latest from Clare Bonnyman

Not a hair out of place: Gender-neutral pricing comes to Edmonton salons

A growing number of salons in Edmonton are making a point to offer prices based on style of cut, rather than the client's gender.

Building the best gingerbread house: A step-by-step guide from a gingerbread pro

One baker is on a mission to help Edmonton make more delicious gingerbread homes this season.

Make some noise! NHL goals celebrated with horns that evoke yachts, trucks and trains

From the scratch of skates on the ice to the howl of fans, there is perhaps no other sound more ubiquitous in professional hockey than that of the ear-splitting goal horn.

In sweetness and in health: Is there a conspiracy between Edmonton fitness clubs and bakeries?

When a CBC listener wondered if there was a conspiracy between her gym and the bakery next door, we launched a tongue-in-cheek investigation into the theory. It was a delicious job but someone had to do it.

'Crazy-busy already' low-income veterinary clinic opens in Waterloo Region

“We are crazy busy already,” said Ann-Marie Patkus-Cook, hospital manager after less than two months in operation at the East Village Animal Hospital, the first low-income veterinary clinic of its kind in the region.

Tent City: The voices of Kitchener's protest camp

A tent city has been set up in Victoria Park and those camping out are calling for a downtown drop-in centre for homeless youth in Kitchener.

Rise in food bank use hints at larger issue across region

Food security is not a food issue. That’s a message that Lisa Needham, a Public Health Nutritionist in Waterloo region, struggles to get across. “Where we have actually seen results has been through social policies that focus on income,” she said.

Guelph researcher turning 'Back to the Future' fuel into reality

Professor Animesh Dutta has never seen the movie Back to The Future, but his latest project bears a striking resemblance to the film. The University of Guelph engineer is finding a way to turn food waste into fuel.

Mandatory campus sexual assault policies set for fall rollout

As students enter campuses across Ontario this fall, there’s change in the air. Or at least on paper. This September marks the first autumn with mandatory sexual assault policies in place at Ontario universities.

Rental scams target students in Waterloo region

Erin Doyle was skeptical about the perfect apartment, but even more so when the landlord claimed to be a British trauma surgeon. Rental scams are not uncommon on sites like Kijiji, but are dangerous for students searching on a deadline, and especially for first time renters.

Hamilton Wentworth Detention Centre giving naloxone to inmates when released

Inmates released from the Hamilton Wentworth Detention Centre are being given naloxone kits to combat opioid overdoses. Research shows that the rate of death from overdose is more than 50 times higher in the two weeks following release from custody.

Biking in bed is good for ICU patients, says new McMaster study

A study from McMaster University reports that cycling exercise from a hospital bed is safe and effective for patients in an intensive care unit, and may help even sedated patients recover faster. Assistant professor Michelle Kho led the study of 33 patients.

Running out of money, running out of time: Can the Westdale be saved?

The sale of the Westdale Theatre is posing a challenge to Hamilton city councillors, who are desperate to save the historic space. But with a short timeline, distant owners and a long list of renovations, there’s no simple answer to the future of the theatre.

Historic Westdale Theatre put up for sale for $1.8M

The iconic 1930s era Westdale Theatre is officially on the market, and Coun. Aidan Johnson wants it to be saved before it’s sold. The movie house at 1014 King St. W. was listed on Dec. 22. It's listed at $1.8 million.

Starling flocks are disappearing, Christmas Bird Count numbers show

Birders across the city reported seeing less starlings, and pretty much everything else as well during the 96th Christmas Bird Count. Dozens flocked together across the city on on Boxing Day day for the annual tally put on by the Hamilton Naturalists' Club.