St. Paul 'civil emergency' called off

Police are asking the public to stay away from an area in northeastern Alberta due to an incident on the highway.

Police had a roadblock set up in the area and were redirecting traffic

The civil emergency announcement is for St. Paul County, east of Edmonton. (Google Maps)

Highway 36 reopened to traffic at about 8:45 a.m. Monday as officials called off a civil emergency declared over 13 hours earlier. 

The region of St. Paul, northeast of Edmonton declared a civil emergency at about 7 p.m. Sunday to keep people away from Highway 36, said Rob Duffy, director of emergency management.

The highway was closed south of the community of St. Brides, 15 kilometres west of St. Paul, in what RCMP were calling a "fluid situation."

"It's being handled right now with the local RCMP detachment, and if they request help they'll come through myself and we'll get the province involved if we need it," Duffy told CBC News Monday morning. 

"With what happened last night, RCMP felt it was in the best interest to keep the public away from this area."

But Duffy wouldn't give any details about the incident. 

He said there are a few homes in the area.

A civil emergency is defined on the Alberta government's website as "an emergency that disrupts normal civilian activities."

Traffic was being rerouted. RCMP are asking the public to avoid the area until they finish dealing with the situation.