City mulls Commonwealth Stadium renovations

Commonwealth Stadium may get a facelift in time for the Women's World Cup of Soccer in 2015.

Project likely to cost $20 million

Commonwealth Stadium may get a facelift in time for the Women's World Cup of Soccer in 2015 but some city councillors are balking at the cost.

Council considered a report on Tuesday outlining millions in renovations which include new dressing rooms, player medical rooms, referee areas and a doping control space.

City staff prepared three options: redeveloping the north concourse — $35 million, expanding the southwest corner by the existing locker rooms — $20.68 million or installing temporary trailers on the track — $12.78 million.

Administration is recommending the second option, saying it is the most efficient and cost effective way to meet the requirements for the event while leaving a legacy after the event.

Mayor Stephen Mandel called the costs ridiculous and said there are many rooms within the stadium that can meet these needs.

"The requirements that sometimes these organizations have are sometimes onerous because they don't pay for it and say well you just pay for it," he said. "Well our taxpayers pay for it. There's a point you reach where it gets frustrating and in this one when you see a price tag of that, the price tag is just staggering."

Edmonton is hosting one round of the tournament and may be chosen to host some of the quarter/semi-finals, special events or even the final.

Edmonton is also in the running for the 2014 U-20 Women’s World Cup.

Following the soccer events, the spaces would be converted into a Canadian Football League change room for visiting teams, support space for concerts and storage, the report said.

The stadium parking lot and the Jumbotron and sound system also need replacing before 2015, the report said.

Approving the project would require council to take money from already approved projects. Council will make a decision on Oct. 31.