City council approves redevelopment of Stony Plain Road shopping centre

A major overhaul is on the way for a west Edmonton shopping centre after city council approved plans for redevelopment to the area.

Councillors voted unanimously to rezone the Jasper Place Shopping Centre area

City council unanimously approved the Jasper Gates Shopping Centre development to move ahead. (City of Edmonton)

A major overhaul is on the way for a west Edmonton shopping centre after city council approved redevelopment plans for the area on Tuesday.

City council unanimously voted in favour of rezoning the Jasper Gates Shopping Centre area at Stony Plain Road and 149th Street to be used for high-density mixed-use developments.

This site would be integrated around a planned future Valley Line West LRT station. The development would bring 1,000 additional residential units, according to documents presented to council.

Council's approval allows for buildings up to 10 storeys high to be built on the site, along with up to four towers ranging from 25 to 30 storeys, much taller than most buildings in the immediate area, according to city administration's report to council. 

The development plans also include more underground parking, internal roadways and pedestrian connections, an urban plaza integrated with the LRT station and dedicated green space.

The redevelopment is long overdue, according to Coun. Andrew Knack.

Knack added he'd like to see more pedestrians out using the street with this development.

"I unfortunately have talked to far too many people over the years, and when I ask them the question 'When's the last time you took a walk down Stony Plain Road,' the answer is often 'It's been years,'" Knack said.

Edmonton city council voted unanimously in favour of rezoning the Jasper Gate Shopping Centre to be redeveloped to introduce more residential units and businesses connected to a future Valley Line LRT stop. (Natasha Riebe/CBC)

Todd Janes, executive director of the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association, said he hopes the redevelopment will transform the area into an urban centre similar to other main streets in Edmonton.

"A lot of projects we're doing are about changing [Stony Plain Road] from a light arterial where people drive through to a real destination," said Janes, who spoke with Edmonton AM on Tuesday.

"So there will be greater walkability, pockets of nature along the way, a number of different retail and service experiences."

RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust and Stantec will lead the redevelopment of new condos, row houses and shops into the area.

The change will be gradual, Janes said, with plans to bring in roughly 2,000 residents through the next two decades, along with more street-facing businesses, wider sidewalks and underground parking.

"I think we've seen the City of Edmonton invest fairly significantly in infrastructure in those areas, and through other areas that are encouraging revitalization throughout the city," Janes said.

"What this does is it really provides a great example of how private developers can come in and pickup where the city's left off and really build some great things."

Some concerns with development

Some concerns were raised by the public during engagement sessions on the development.

Residents had issues with the potential heights of the proposed towers overshadowing the nearby area, and that the site could worsen congestion, especially with the LRT development.

Some suggestions that came from public engagement included unobstructed sidewalks, bike share or e-scooter docks, parking programs, and opportunities for outdoor seating at restaurants.


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