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Chris Purdy is a reporter who works for The Canadian Press in Edmonton. She can be found on Twitter at @ChrisPurdyCP

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'Joy sprang out of our grief': Parents of misidentified Humboldt Bronco describe coroner mix-up

The parents of a Humboldt Bronco hockey player misidentified after a deadly crash on a Saskatchewan highway say they weren't convinced the battered body lying in the funeral home was really their son.

There's an app for that: Students opt for delivery over bag lunches, cafeterias

Gone are the days of bag lunches and bologna sandwiches. With a tap on a smartphone, students are getting burgers, paninis and sushi delivered right into their hungry hands at school.

'I lost everything': Winnipeg teacher in lap-dance video shares story years later

Chrystie Fitchner made headlines around the world for participating in a mock lap dance with a fellow teacher during a 2010 school pep rally at Churchill High School. That momentary indiscretion cost her career as a teacher in Manitoba.

3 involved in naked kidnapping have rare psychotic disorder: court

Three people involved in a bizarre naked kidnapping case south of Edmonton last year suffered from a rare, shared psychotic disorder, court has heard.

Deadly Humboldt Broncos bus crash chosen by Canadian media as News Story of the Year

A deadly bus crash that united a hockey-mad country in grief and spurred people to leave sticks on porches from coast to coast has been selected as Canada's News Story of the Year.

'Are we going to play?' Alberta boy with rare illness no big deal for classmates

Four-year-old Porter Stanley has some new pals at preschool.

Alberta appeal court upholds sentence of man for kidnapping, cutting off thumb

Alberta's highest court has upheld a 12-year sentence for a man who cut off his victim's thumb during an abduction.

Supreme Court to hear questions in case of Ontario trucker acquitted in death of Edmonton woman

The case of an Ontario trucker acquitted in the death of an Alberta woman referred to at trial as a "native" and a "prostitute" is to go before the Supreme Court this week in what could set a precedent in Canada's sexual assault laws.

Police 'were monsters who would kill them': Details emerge in Alberta naked kidnapping

A court document has provided more details in a bizarre naked kidnapping case that happened last year south of Edmonton, but some questions remain.

Saskatchewan premier wondered if military could help with Broncos autopsies

Emails obtained by The Canadian Press show provincial coroners were scrambling to quickly conduct autopsies on the 16 people who died after the junior hockey team's bus and a semi-truck collided April 6.

'I can't find my words:' Family mourns 3 sisters killed in Alberta highway crash

Leonard Norwest struggled to speak about his three granddaughters who were among five people killed in a central Alberta highway crash.

'Cheering for Vegas because of Brody:' Broncos stats keeper predicted Cup win

Vice-principal David Millette at Humboldt high school would chat each day with Brody Hinz about sports and remembers the student making a bold hockey prediction last September.

Mistake after 2005 crash sent one family to funeral home, the other to hospital

A July 31, 2005 crash sent one teenage girl to the morgue and the other to the hospital. After three days, it would be discovered that the girls had been mistaken for each other.

'I'm not Parker Tobin': Humboldt Broncos player revealed ID mix-up, coroner says

The coroner who investigated the Humboldt Broncos bus crash in Saskatchewan says it wasn't until an injured player woke up in hospital and said he wasn't who everyone thought he was that officials realized there had been a big mistake in identifying who had died.

Alberta school division apologizes after employee dressed up in blackface

An Alberta school division has apologized after a staff member at a Christian school wore blackface while dressed up as a member of the British band Spice Girls.