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Jennie Russell and Charles Rusnell are reporters with CBC Investigates, the award-winning investigative unit of CBC Edmonton. Their journalism in the public interest is widely credited with forcing accountability, transparency and democratic change in Alberta. Send tips in confidence to @charlesrusnell @jennierussell_

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Notley calls for Calgary UCP MLA Peter Singh to be removed from caucus until RCMP probe completed

Opposition leader Rachel Notley is calling on the United Conservative Party to remove Calgary East MLA Peter Singh from caucus until a criminal investigation by the RCMP involving alleged voter fraud is completed.

RCMP investigation into alleged UCP leadership voter fraud expands to Edmonton

The RCMP investigation into alleged voter fraud in the 2017 United Conservative Party leadership contest has now expanded to Edmonton.

Unravelling the controversy behind the 2017 UCP leadership race

A leaked cache of documents revealed extensive collaboration between two campaigns in Alberta — and the United Conservative Party and its leader Jason Kenney are still facing the political fallout.
CBC Investigates

Kenney, Callaway campaigns collaborated to attack Brian Jean during UCP leadership race, leaked documents show

The leadership campaign of Jason Kenney collaborated with fellow candidate Jeff Callaway’s campaign during the party’s 2017 United Conservative Party leadership race, leaked internal UCP documents obtained by CBC News show.

UCP Leader Jason Kenney shrugs off RCMP investigation of political contributions

United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney is shrugging off revelations that the RCMP have taken over an investigation into allegations of “irregular political contributions” to a former UCP leadership candidate with alleged connections to Kenney’s leadership campaign.
CBC Investigates

Alberta election commissioner's 'excessive secrecy' criticized

A democracy watchdog says it is troubling that Alberta Election Commissioner Lorne Gibson refuses to release basic information about illegal political contributions he has investigated.
CBC Investigates

Alberta election commissioner probes interference in Jeff Callaway campaign investigation

Alberta's election commissioner is probing allegations that someone is obstructing his investigation into claims of "irregular financial contributions" made during the United Conservative Party leadership contest.

Alberta information commissioner says her office at 'breaking point'

Alberta's information and privacy commissioner says her office is failing to properly serve Albertans because it is swamped with public complaints.
CBC Investigates

Man injured in 2008 central Alberta school bus crash calls for mandatory seat belts

A young man who suffered severe injuries in a 2008 school-bus crash in Rimbey, Alta. says the federal government should make seat belts mandatory in all school buses, following a CBC News: The Fifth Estate investigation.
CBC Investigates

Immigration consultant council suspends licence of former Edmonton MLA Carl Benito

The federal council that regulates immigration consultants has temporarily suspended the licences of former Edmonton MLA Carl Benito and one of his sons, as it awaits the outcome of a Canada Border Services investigation of an alleged large-scale immigration fraud.

Former Tory MLA Carl Benito target of immigration fraud investigation

The Canada Border Services Agency raided the home and office of former Alberta Progressive Conservative MLA Carl Benito as part of an investigation into what the agency says was a three-year immigration fraud scheme.
CBC Investigates

Edmonton-Rutherford UCP nomination contestant questions vaccination science

A contestant seeking the UCP nomination in Edmonton-Rutherford has questioned vaccination science and has suggested parents may be harming their children by vaccinating them against disease.

Star U of A researcher Carlo Montemagno supervised nephew as graduate student

The nepotism afforded star American researcher Carlo Montemagno by the University of Alberta extended beyond the hiring of his daughter and son-in-law as a condition of his employment.
CBC Investigates

U of A hires top American researcher, on condition daughter and her husband get jobs too

The University of Alberta recruited star American nanotechnology researcher Carlo Montemagno by agreeing to his condition that it hire his daughter and son-in-law to work in his laboratory - in addition to his $500,000 a year salary.

Under Rachel Notley, Alberta government improves access to information, but keeps it secret

In May 2016, the government of Premier Rachel Notley launched a vastly improved online system that makes it much easier to file freedom of information requests — but effectively kept it secret.