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Charles Rusnell is a reporter with CBC Investigates, the award-winning investigative unit of CBC Edmonton. His journalism in the public interest is widely credited with forcing accountability, transparency and democratic change in Alberta. Send tips in confidence to and follow him on Twitter@charlesrusnell

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Military reservists preparing for possible deployment in Prairies as COVID-19 rates soar

The Canadian military is preparing for possible deployment of troops in the Prairie provinces, potentially as early as Saturday in Alberta, to assist with their responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, CBC News has learned. 

Law society accepts resignation of former PC party president Bill Smith

The Law Society of Alberta has accepted the resignation of former provincial Conservative party president and 2017 Calgary mayoral candidate Bill Smith. 

Doctors not leaving province, Premier Jason Kenney insists, despite contrary claims in legal case

Premier Jason Kenney sparred with NDP health critic David Shepherd in the legislature Thursday over seemingly contradictory statements by the UCP government about the exodus of doctors from the province.

Shandro directs doctors' regulatory college to stop doctors from leaving practices en masse

Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro has directed the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta to change its standards of practice for physicians by July 20 in an attempt to stop the province’s doctors from leaving their practices en masse due to an ongoing dispute over pay.

Premier Jason Kenney's campaign manager hired as VP of Alberta Energy Regulator

Premier Jason Kenney's campaign manager and an outspoken anthropogenic global-warming skeptic has been hired as the Alberta Energy Regulator's new vice president of its science and innovation branch.

Alberta government legal defence claims doctors' charter rights not violated

The Alberta government says it did not breach Alberta doctors’ charter rights by passing legislation that allowed the health minister to unilaterally rip up their agreement on the terms and conditions of doctors’ work.

Critics say UCP government subverting review of act that gave ministers sweeping powers

United Conservative Party members have voted to control the focus, and limit the public scrutiny, of a contentious public health act that gave cabinet ministers the authority to write laws and create new penalties without the approval of the legislature, critics say.

Alberta government won't apologize for appointee critics say made racist, anti-Semitic posts

In a heated exchange in Alberta’s Legislature Monday, United Conservative cabinet minister Kaycee Madu accused the New Democratic Party of playing politics with Black people and says they are treated worse in countries governed by “NDP allies.”
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Alberta purges judicial vetting committee for former Tory cabinet ministers, political supporters

Alberta Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer removed the entire committee that vets potential provincial court judges and recruited new members through a closed process that experts say is long outdated.

Edmonton police chief orders investigation of 'humiliating' photo of drug arrest

Edmonton police Chief Dale McFee has ordered a formal professional standards investigation into the posting of a photo of two officers posing with a shirtless and handcuffed man who was arrested while allegedly high on drugs.

Edmonton police launch review after officer posts photo of drug arrest

Edmonton police is reviewing an incident in which an officer posted a photo of two officers posing with a shirtless and handcuffed man who was arrested while allegedly high on drugs.

RCMP apologizes to Alberta man after mishandling drug test in wrongful conviction case

The RCMP have issued a formal apology to a Lac La Biche man who was acquitted of drug charges after it was revealed exonerating evidence had been withheld from him.

Second privacy breach complaint filed against Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro

Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro is the subject of another privacy breach complaint after his political staff accessed and released billing information from an Edmonton clinic to rebut allegations made during an NDP news conference.

Alberta doctors push back against government's 'divide-and-conquer' strategy

"It is unfortunate that it has come to pass that we have to collectively and overtly publicly declare that we are unified," says Alberta Medical Association president Christine Molnar.

Some Alberta gun enthusiasts say ban on 'assault-style' firearms won't make Canada safer

Some gun enthusiasts in Alberta say the Trudeau government’s immediate ban on 1,500 makes and models of military grade, “assault-style” weapons will do nothing to eliminate future mass shootings, reduce gun crime or make Canada safer.