Cell service, Wi-Fi expanding into entire LRT system

Commuters will soon be able to surf their way through LRT tunnels without running into a ‘dead-zone.’ Cell coverage is coming to Edmonton’s trains.

Mayor Don Iveson says cell coverage on LRT trains is an important safety measure

Passengers stand on the platform during train delays at Central LRT station. The city plans to expand cell service and wifi to all LRT stations.

Commuters will soon be able to surf through LRT tunnels without running into a "dead-zone."

Cell coverage is coming to Edmonton’s trains.

Mayor Don Iveson said maintaining cell service as the trains move underground will help people feel safer and more secure on the LRT.

He said many people have asked for the service, particularly women.

“From a safety point of view, I think this is actually a great upgrade for the system."

Private cellphone providers will pay the cost of making the LRT system cellphone friendly, but it will take time for the city to put the infrastructure in place.

Iveson said he expects people will have signal bars underground by early next year.

The city also plans to expand free Wi-Fi to other LRT stations, including those underground, although that may take longer.

The city launched free Wi-Fi at Southgate Station last month, and the service has been widely used by commuters.

Iveson said he would like to see private Wi-Fi providers step forward to help keep the cost to the city down.

Either way, he said the overall cost will likely be low and the city should move quickly.

“I don’t want to name a specific time, but I think the sooner that we can get Wi-Fi coverage into the stations, the more benefit that will be to people.”


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