Canadian war poem, In Flanders Fields, to be honoured

A new Edmonton park will commemorate the 100th anniversary of Lt.-Col. John McCrae's legendary poem, In Flanders Fields.

New park will commemorate 100th anniversary of Remembrance Day poem

The poppy is an integral part of the famous World War One poem, In Flanders Fields, written by Canadian soldier John McRae. A ceremony Sunday will celebrate the iconic poem. (CBC)

A new Edmonton park will commemorate the 100th anniversary of Lt.-Col. John McCrae's legendary poem, In Flanders Fields.

The poem and sacrifices of Canadian soldiers will be remembered at Flanders Field Park in Griesbach during an unveiling ceremony at 11 a.m. on Sunday.

Griesbach, a former military base, fits the bill for the park's location. 

McCrae assembled his iconic verses while under heavy artillery fire in Belgium during World War One.

"He sat down and penned this poem in the middle of incredible fighting, endless fighting; the shelling never stopped during that battle," Neil Chymko told CBC Radio's Mark Connolly during Friday's Edmonton AM. 

Chymko is on the board of directors for the Castle Downs Recreation Society, which helped to champion the poem's celebration.

​CDRS, along with Canada Lands and military reserve units, partnered on the project and will host the event. 

The park features poppy beds and walkways symbolizing the trenches of the Great War. A bronze plaque replicating McCrae's handwritten verses will be unveiled, along with storyboards on McCrae and how his poem is connected to Remembrance Day. 

A student will recite the poem.

Chymko believes the park and the commemoration of the poem will raise awareness and educate people about the men and women of our military.

"We've always been committed to the theme of remembrance around Canadian veterans and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice."

The public is encouraged to attend Sunday's celebration.