'Smooth like 60-grit sandpaper': HGTV couple talks renovations together

If you’ve ever watched any of Bryan Baeumler’s renovation and construction shows on HGTV, things don’t always go as planned. Cracks in the foundation, materials arriving late and going over budget are just a few potential problems Baeumler runs into regularly.

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler's unique interests work well together, but there are still disagreements

The Baeumlers discuss working together renovating houses

6 years ago
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Bryan and Sarah Baeumler are in our city for the Edmonton Renovation Show this weekend and swung by CBC to talk about house renovation.

If you've ever watched Bryan Baeumler's renovation and construction shows on HGTV, things don't always go as planned.

Cracks in the foundation, materials arriving late and going over budget are just a few potential problems Baeumler runs into regularly.

Throw a wife and four children into the mix for the couple's latest TV venture, Bryan Inc., and other issues can arise.

But for Baeumler and his wife, Sarah, their intertwined lives made the transition to a new show a bit easier.

"It was a relatively smooth transition," she said.

"Smooth like 60-grit sandpaper," he chimed in.

The two are in the city for the Edmonton Renovation Show at the Edmonton Expo Centre.

Bryan said the new show, where he enlists Sarah as his project manager to build two luxury homes, works out well because both of them bring different interests to the table.

"When it comes to the concrete and the foundation and the septic system, Sarah doesn't have a lot of interest in that," he said. "Honestly, when it comes to the wallpaper and the paint, I don't have a lot of interest in that."

Open and honest

But couples aren't going to agree on everything. Bryan said the two have had arguments about what should and shouldn't go into a house. For other couples, such conversations take place in the privacy of their homes. But for the Baeumlers, these arguments are broadcast across the country.

"There has to be one show out there that doesn't pretend that everything is perfect," Bryan said.

"I think that it [the show] is just open and honest, and that's the way Bryan and I have always been," Sarah added.

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler on CBC News at Six on Friday. The two said things aren't perfect when they are renovating a house, and it's important to show that on their TV show. (CBC)

Things aren't perfect by any means. Sometimes Bryan changes his mind about a project too much, or Sarah goes over budget.

But there are times when their personal lives slip into their work. Arguments unrelated to the construction can often lead to proxy wars while renovating, Bryan said.

"We've had lots of fights about paint or wallpaper that aren't about paint or wallpaper," he said. "They're about [how] I wanted chicken for dinner last night, and you were busy, and you didn't make dinner and I'm upset about that so now I'm going to pick on your wallpaper."

Bryan said he's not sure why people watch. But Sarah said she thinks the arguments are part of the reason.

"To you [Bryan], it's boring, but for other people, it's relatable," she said. "I think if they [the viewers] turned the TV off and they turn around and look at their spouse they realize, 'Oh man, that's us,' " Bryan said.

Vacationing in Edmonton?

The Baeumlers also stressed the importance of taking a break from the project — though that's easier said than done. "It's the easiest thing to say, but one of the most challenging things to do as a couple," Sarah said.

Even when they are on vacation, Sarah said, they talk about the build. But as they make their way throughout Canada for various public appearances, they are vacationing — at least a little bit.

The Baeumlers are in Edmonton for the weekend, and will be speaking at 6 p.m. Friday and 1 p.m. Saturday at the Edmonton Renovation Show.