Brian Jean to move forward with $100K floor-crossing clause

The new leader of the Wildrose Party is proposing a $100,000 fee for future floor-crossers.

Brian Jean to make announcement in Fort McMurray Monday afternoon

Newly-elected Wildrose Leader Brian Jean wants party members to sign a contract agreeing to pay $100,000 should they cross the floor to join another political party. (Larry MacDougal/The Canadian Press)

The new leader of the Wildrose Party is proposing a $100,000 fee for future floor-crossers.

Fort McMurray’s Brian Jean, 52, captured the party leadership this weekend with about 55 per cent of the votes.

Now, he’s making good on his campaign promise to protect the party’s future, pledging that all candidates will sign a contract agreeing to pay $100,000 should they choose to join another party.

In December, nine Wildrose MLAs including former leader Danielle Smith crossed the floor to join the Progressive Conservative party.

“People are elected based on what party they represent, among other things … and people do not want to be disappointed in their candidates taking a position that’s otherwise,” he said Monday morning.

“I think it’s something most people do as a result of personal ambition and I think we’ve seen what personal ambition can lead to,” Jean  said. “We had almost a complete and utter clean-up of all of the betrayers going into the next election and we’ll see how the general population reacts.”

Jean, a lawyer and former Conservative Member of Parliament, said the strategy is “100 per cent legal.”

The fee will not be charged if a member chooses to sit as an independent, however, he added.

“There’s no prohibition for them to be independent and vote however they want that’s their prerogative and that’s something between them and their constituents.”

Jean will make a public appearance in Fort McMurray Monday afternoon at 1 p.m.


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