Bonded pair of blind dog and seeing-eye cat up for adoption

Even though they make for a strange sight, Max and Spike are a couple of close friends who have long supported each other despite their differences in species.

Max and Spike have been supporting one another since the two lived predominantly outdoors

Spike and Max: a dog and his seeing-eye support cat

2 years ago
Duration 1:33
Spike and Max are a bonded pair, despite their species, with Max providing support for Spike, a blind dog.

Even though they make for a strange pair, Max and Spike are a couple of close friends who have long supported each other, despite their differences. 

This blind dog and seeing-eye cat are a bonded pair that will soon be up for adoption together, once they're in good health. After severe cataracts were causing him pain, Spike needed both of his eyes removed. Max has been a support cat for the dog.

"It's a pretty cute sight to see a dog and a cat with such a friendship," said Amanda McClughan with the Saving Grace Animal Society. 

The Saving Grace Animal Society oversees a shelter, sanctuary and a number of foster homes in central Alberta. Max and Spike are at their shelter in Alix, a village more than 50 kilometres northeast of Red Deer.

McClughan said they're waiting for this to heal before the pair are adopted.

The two were predominantly living outdoors before coming to the Saving Grace shelter, McClughan said, adding that their friendship likely started from providing warmth for each other against the elements. Together, Max provides a level of support to help keep Spike's stress and anxiety down.

Once Spike's stitches are removed, McClughan says they'll make a post telling the two animals' story and letting everyone know they're available for adoption.

"They're really just looking for a quieter home, and someone that has the patience to be able to work with Spike to show him his new surroundings," McClughan said. "And then someone that can provide a nice home environment for Max to go to."