Tanara McLean

Tanara McLean is an RTDNA and CAJ award-winning producer and journalist based at CBC Edmonton. Her career spans 16 years in print, radio and television. Tanara produces and presents radio documentaries for CBC Radio. You can send her story or documentary ideas at tanara.mclean@cbc.ca.

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Pope visits Sacred Heart of the First Peoples in Edmonton

Tanara McLean was on the ground at Sacred Heart of the First Peoples, where Pope Francis met congregation members and survivors of Canada's devastating residential school system. In 1991 the church was the first in the country to be designated a national parish for First Nations, Métis and Inuit people.

The complicated relationship between Edmonton residents and magpies

In a city that once called itself the ‘city of champions’ for its former sporting glory, Edmonton is becoming known for being the black-billed magpie capital of Canada. A place where magpies are like religion and politics; if you bring it up, there will certainly be a debate.

This couple's love language is all for the sake of their kids

Although Adrian Omotade-Tan didn't learn Cantonese as a kid, he's now learning his wife's native language from Nigeria for the sake of his daughters.

This grade 10 student is standing up for her culture by sitting down during O Canada

15-year-old Skyla Hart wants people to think more deeply about Canada's national anthem and consider how colonial symbols impact the lives of Indigenous people.

How a chance phone call helped create the Saskatchewan Indigenous Yoga Association

After hitting a wall and crying out to the universe for help, Muskoday First Nation member Dawn Deguire used a chance phone call to help launch the Saskatchewan Indigenous Yoga Association.

The ghostly legend of a lobotomized caretaker still haunts employees at this Edmonton radio station

The Alberta Block building was headquarters for CKUA Radio between 1955 and 2012, and during that time many believe a ghost named Sam haunted the building.

'Dead' Zeppelin: this cat's family thought he'd climbed the stairway to Heaven … but he hadn't

Eight months after cremating a cat she thought was her beloved pet, Desirée Hobbins got a shocking call saying that her cat was actually still alive thanks to the help of a neighbourhood stranger.

A splash of creativity: Making a water garden out of a planter pot is easier than you think

Creating a small container water garden can provide us with a sense of well-being while also providing a source of water for some city critters.

Why plants have confusing Latin names, and other questions about the garden

Our summer gardening columnist took over the CBC Edmonton Instagram account, answering your questions about why certain things happen in the garden.

Yes, you can have a tropical-feeling garden in Alberta

While your neighbours are meticulously manicuring their sheet of lawn in the backyard, how does lounging in your own tropical-feeling garden sound? Capturing the essence of a tropical garden in our Zone 3 climate is achievable.