Tanara McLean

Tanara McLean is an award-winning producer and journalist based at CBC Edmonton. She grew up in Red Deer and has spent her entire career in Alberta, working in print, radio and television.

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A splash of creativity: Making a water garden out of a planter pot is easier than you think

Creating a small container water garden can provide us with a sense of well-being while also providing a source of water for some city critters.

Why plants have confusing Latin names, and other questions about the garden

Our summer gardening columnist took over the CBC Edmonton Instagram account, answering your questions about why certain things happen in the garden.

Yes, you can have a tropical-feeling garden in Alberta

While your neighbours are meticulously manicuring their sheet of lawn in the backyard, how does lounging in your own tropical-feeling garden sound? Capturing the essence of a tropical garden in our Zone 3 climate is achievable.

How to start a garden on a $50 budget

The dream of sitting in a backyard paradise may seem far away, but starting a beautiful garden sanctuary of your very own doesn’t have to be expensive. You just have to start thinking outside the garden centre.

Native flowers can beat the heat in your Edmonton-area garden

Have you been fretting about your plants getting parched during this heat wave? Native plants don’t need much in the way of care because they’ve evolved to manage our extreme climate.
Black Prairies

How the mbira — an instrument with a complicated history in Zimbabwe — found a following in Western Canada

The desire to take the road less travelled led Chaka Zinyemba to pick up the mbira as a teenager in Zimbabwe.
The Henday Project

How the Henday expansion gobbled up a country greenhouse in Edmonton's northeast

The Root Seller Greenhouse was once in open country northeast of Edmonton, but now it's a farm in the city surrounded by homes on nearly all sides.

Street sense: What's the logic behind the confusing road names in Edmonton's suburbs?

Getting around Edmonton is pretty simple when you're on the numbered grid. But once you head out into some of the newer suburbs on the city limits, things can get tricky with street names that seem to have no rhyme or reason.
The Henday Project

Beaumaris Lake revamp great news for wildlife

Biologists say $9.1-million upgrade to Beaumaris Lake is welcome news for wildlife.

Hidden neighbourhood orchard home to community garden experimentation

There’s a hidden orchard of misshapen trees in the Bannerman neighbourhood that takes up less than 60 linear feet, but produces hundreds of apples.