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Rick McConnell has worked as a writer and editor in Alberta for more than 30 years.

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Bound by grief, 2 men become friends on journey to ID bodies of loved ones

Two men, one from Edmonton and the other from Toronto, spoke to CBC News on Friday about losing their families in this week's airliner crash in Iran.

Ethan Bear learning fast in NHL as Oilers surrender lead against prowling Predators

Ethan Bear got a rough welcome to the big leagues Thursday night. But if the 20 year old exhibited a bit of indecision on the ice, there was no such thing in the locker room later, where he showed the eagerness one would expect and a level of maturity one might not.

Wild TV, biologist and outfitters defend hunter at centre of Alberta cougar controversy

Death threats, hundreds of angry comments laced with curse words, even a penis put-down from the wife of a former prime minister. All after the host of an outdoor television show posted photos of himself holding a huge male cougar he shot.

Oscar Klefbom latest Oilers defenceman to hit injured reserve

Oscar Klefbom is the latest Edmonton Oilers defenceman to be placed on injured reserve.

Beard cheered: Maroon's antics steal show in Edmonton Oilers rare home-ice win

“It was one of those things where it was just in my face, so I decided to pull his beard,” Patrick Maroon said after the game. “I thought he was going to be mad at first. But he certainly said, ‘Hey, do you like the beard?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, it’s a pretty nice beard.’”

'Did you see that?' Breaking down Connor McDavid's surreal spin-o-rama

Watching the fastest man in the NHL can sometimes leave you breathless. You rub your eyes. You shout, “Did you see that?” even though you’re the only in the room.

Battle of Alberta has NHL young stars on both sides ready to shine

Some hockey fans view the Battle of Alberta like a modern-day Hatfields and McCoys, two rival clans forced to live in close proximity who, so the legend goes, hate each other’s guts. On Wednesday night, in the same building where it all started last year, the rivalry resumes.

'Like selling your soul': Fentanyl dealer tells how she got hooked on deadly drug

Ask Vixen how powerful fentanyl is. She knows, because she sells the drug, and takes the drug, and has overdosed on it many times. She knows addicts who will give anything to get it. She knows, because she's one of them.

Jane Fonda 'dining out on celebrity' but starved for facts, Alberta premier says

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says the latest Hollywood celebrity to slam Alberta's oilsands region and the province's continued efforts to gain approval for new pipelines, was "tone deaf" and "ill-informed" and ducked the chance to meet with her government.

Jane Fonda in Fort McMurray: 'Listen, I'm not against you,' actress tells resident during parking lot squabble

Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda found herself in a brief squabble Tuesday in a snowy parking lot outside a Fort McMurray restaurant, after she took a helicopter ride over Alberta's oilsands region.