Raffy Boudjikanian

Raffy Boudjikanian is a national reporter with CBC in Edmonton. He has also worked in Calgary and Montreal for the public broadcaster.

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RCMP is losing Indigenous officers — and some former Mounties blame racism in the ranks

Data released by the RCMP to Parliament shows that the force is losing Indigenous officers — a trend which comes as no surprise to retired Mounties and other observers.

Hundreds of thousands of Canadian citizenship hopefuls waiting for applications to be processed

Permanent residents and advocates want Ottawa to move faster on pending applications as the COVID-19 pandemic boosts the number of people waiting to take a citizenship test, documents show. Ottawa says more digital tests are coming "very soon."

Facing little pickup from provinces, Trudeau expands rapid testing program

Ottawa intends to open the floodgates offering free rapid testing kits for small and medium-size businesses, while provincial and territorial governments have yet to use most of their stockpiles.

Quebec court decision on Bill 21 poses a conundrum for Justin Trudeau

With the Quebec government announcing it plans to appeal Tuesday's court ruling on a law that bans public servants from wearing religious symbols at work, the prime minister faces re-election concerns as he considers whether to support a legal challenge.

Few Indigenous officers among RCMP's higher ranks, data shows

Data obtained by the CBC shows that many RCMP divisions across the country have fewer than 10 women, people of colour or Indigenous people in their senior ranks.

More Canadian federal prisoners waiting for opioid treatment

Health professionals warn that delaying opioid agonist treatment, which keeps withdrawal symptoms at bay, increases the chance of an overdose. But data show the wait list for treatment has increased in federal penitentiaries since March.

Albertans hope new Conservative leader has fresh ideas to boost economy, relations with Ottawa

The leadership race for the federal Conservatives, which ends on Sunday, comes at a time when Albertans are facing challenges on a number of fronts — from a stagnant economy and depressed oil prices to feelings of western anger and alienation.

Edmonton police chief promises new reconciliation initiative to fix complaint process

A Black man who went public about his arrest has met with the Edmonton police chief as the service carves out a new path for reconciliation with people who have complaints about mistreatment by police.

'Uncharted times': Planning for wildfire season amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Municipal and provincial officials and firefighters in Alberta are gearing up for wildfire season as best they can, but nobody has experience dealing with fire fighting during a pandemic.

Doctors, medical suppliers urge public not to hoard or steal protective gear

Emergency room staff are keeping a closer eye on their supplies, and a medical equipment company has locked its doors to the public as the health-care sector deals with a shortage of masks, disinfectant gel and other protective equipment.