Michelle Bellefontaine

Provincial affairs reporter

Michelle Bellefontaine covers the Alberta legislature for CBC News in Edmonton. She has also worked as a reporter in the Maritimes and in northern Canada.

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Tax cuts or tax credits? Economic diversification questions loom for next Alberta government

For decades, Alberta politicians, regardless of their ideological leanings, have touted economic diversification as the key to getting the province off its heavy reliance on oil and gas royalties.

Tabulators counting votes in Alberta advance polling

Elections Alberta is using machines known as tabulators to count paper ballots at advance polling locations for the first time.

Trust and ethics central issues in fast-paced, pointed Alberta leaders' debate

The debate happened in the shadow of an investigation from Alberta's ethics commissioner, released just hours earlier.

Why candidates still knock on doors asking for support

Door-knocking isn’t just a way to get out a candidate’s message — it also helps campaigns locate their supporters when it's time to vote.

Elections Alberta monitoring wildfires for possible election delay

With the May 29 provincial election just over two weeks away, some officials are asking if Elections Alberta could delay the vote.

Here are the ridings to watch in the 2023 Alberta provincial election

With polls suggesting the UCP and NDP are nearly identical in support, all eyes are focusing on Alberta ridings that could determine the outcome of the May 29 provincial election.

Smaller political parties hope to break through UCP-NDP dominance in Alberta election

Alberta Liberal Leader John Roggeveen launched his party's provincial election campaign on Sunday in front of a handful of candidates and media in the cavernous atrium of a Calgary office building.

Advocates want promise of Alberta accessibility legislation in election platforms

Alberta is one of the last provinces without accessibility legislation prompting advocates for people with disabilities to get the issue on the agenda in the upcoming provincial election. 

UCP, NDP campaigns underway weeks before official writ drop

Alberta election campaigns are usually 28 days long but everyone knows the campaign is already well underway two weeks before the vote is actually called. 

AHS taking over Red Deer overdose prevention site at end of May

The non-profit organization that operates the overdose prevention site in Red Deer, Alta., is handing over operations to Alberta Health Services on May 31.