Mark Harvey

Producer, Edmonton AM

Mark Harvey is a producer for CBC Edmonton's morning radio program, Edmonton AM. He's been a journalist for almost 30 years as a reporter, host and producer.

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Alberta man with cognitive challenges given credit card, racks up $8,000 debt

An Alberta man with cognitive impairments racked up $8,000 in credit card debt, leaving his friend and advocate to ask how he was given the card in the first place.

Edmonton's Rogers Place community benefits don't stack up to projects in other cities: critics

Rogers Place looms large behind Julian Daly, as he clips on a microphone for a media interview outside of Boyle Street Community Services at the edge of Edmonton’s downtown.

Review use of restrictive covenants in Alberta, urges planning prof

Albertans make greater use of a powerful legal tool to limit the future use of private land than other provinces do, and may be harming their own communities the process, says the head of the University of Alberta’s planning program.

Dentist check-up bills of $901 leaves Alberta newcomer feeling 'ripped off'

Customers complain that the lack of a fee guide means Albertans are paying far more than other provinces for dental care.

Vehicle buyers urged to be careful when dealers ask for deposits

An Edmonton woman says getting her $2,500 deposit back from a car dealer when the vehicle they wanted wasn't immediately available was 'exhausting.' But a spokesman for the dealership calls the incident a 'miscommunication.'

Bank reconsiders, reaches deal with mystery shopper scam victim

A Sherwood Park man has reached an undisclosed settlement with his bank after being burned for more than $5,000 in a mystery shopper scam.
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Familiar shopper scam becoming increasing sophisticated

A man in Sherwood Park, Alta., is one of the latest victims of mystery shopper scammers who have likely ripped-off Canadians for millions of dollars this year alone.

Auto movers' dispute causes Mazda owner to pay twice for same move

Ahmed Mohamed paid Ontario-based AutoMoves $1,250 to ship his Mazda 6 from Ottawa to Edmonton, but the move wound up costing him over $3,500 because of a money dispute between the company and its subcontractor.
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Synthetic marijuana sold as incense sparked violence, delusions

An Edmonton woman says her decision to smoke a synthetic drug to beat her employer’s drug tests created a two-year addiction that ruined her financially and nearly killed her.

Direct Energy customer billed for house she doesn’t own in town she never heard of

Andrea Daly never heard of Nacmine, Alta. But in a mix-up Direct Energy sent her bills for a house there which she didn't own.