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Madeleine Cummings is a reporter with CBC Edmonton. She covers local news and files for CBC Edmonton's web, radio and TV platforms. You can reach her at

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Shirley Soosay's remains being returned to Samson Cree Nation, decades after her murder

Shirley Soosay's homecoming marks the end of Violet Soosay's lifelong search for her long-lost aunt. Shirley Soosay was murdered in 1980 and identified by DNA testing nearly 40 years later.

New Alberta group creates database of police misconduct incidents

A new searchable and downloadable database is making it easier for Albertans to look up incidents of police misconduct.

Fans of rare art deco Edmonton building raise money to preserve its history

Fans of the Graphic Arts Building on Edmonton’s Jasper Avenue say they are disappointed the building will be demolished but excited about a new plan to preserve its architectural history.

Edmonton police expanding social services program after successful first year

Edmonton Police Service plans to expand a program that is trying to reduce social disorder and crime by referring marginalized people to social services.

Edmonton could be headed toward housing supply shortage, real estate industry leaders warn

Supply chain problems, rising interest rates and more people moving to Alberta could contribute to a housing supply shortage in Edmonton, according to multiple industry leaders.

Alberta man pleads guilty to 1st-degree murder in Hinton homicides of mother and young son

A convicted sex offender has pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder in the 2021 killings of a 24-year-old woman and her 16-month-old son in Hinton, Alta.

Long delays at Alberta Land Titles office slowing down real estate transactions

Transferring land from one owner to another is taking a lot longer in Alberta than it used to.

Alberta town banks on future payoff with program paying tuition for some residents

A central Alberta town hopes paying for students’ post-secondary education brings the community social and economic benefits.

Alberta woman says asthma prevented her from completing breathalyzer test

An Alberta woman who says her asthma prevented her from completing an alcohol breath test at a roadside stop in December says she endured a three-month driver’s licence suspension and has spent thousands of dollars trying to prove her innocence.

Michael Oshry spent more than $220K of own money for his Edmonton mayoral campaign

Businessman and former city councillor Michael Oshry spent $223,250 of his own money on his failed mayoral campaign, a campaign disclosure document shows.