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This year's canola crop is the most expensive ever planted, say Alberta farmers

Input costs for growing canola has skyrocketed, making this one of the most expensive canola crop Alberta farmers have ever planted.

'It gave me hope': Art helps Edmonton woman overcome homelessness

Madeline LeBlanc is one of the artists taking part in the 5 Artists 1 Love exhibit, which is an annual event at the Art Gallery of Alberta to promote Edmonton’s Black artistic community.

Worldwide collaboration aims to curb biodiversity decline, improve Indigenous peoples' health

The Ărramăt Project is a collaboration of more than 150 Indigenous organizations and governments from around the world, aimed at curbing biodiversity decline and improving the health of Indigenous peoples.

Former refugee welcomes 170 Afghan newcomers to Edmonton

Earlier this month, 170 refugees from Afghanistan arrived in Edmonton. The group fled Afghanistan last summer after the Taliban took over the country after the withdrawal of U.S. troops and the collapse of the Afghan government. 

Star search: Canadian scientist to travel way back in time using world's largest space telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope was recently launched into space. It's NASA’s largest and most powerful space telescope ever constructed. Astrophysicist Tyrone Woods, originally from Edmonton, hopes to use it to find the first stars ever created.

Melt into a cup of kindness with these homemade hot chocolate bombs

CBC's Liam Harrap developed his expertise as a hot chocolate bomb-maker after accidentally committing to make 1,500 spheres of deliciousness.

He sang to millions on YouTube. He died on the streets of Edmonton

Jesse Stewart's videos have garnered millions of views, even earning him a spot on the Trailer Park Boys show. He died recently in Edmonton, likely from a drug overdose.

Alberta skier and cyclist wants to get more BIPOC people into the outdoors

A graduate student at the University of Alberta recently started a podcast highlighting Black, Indigenous and people of colour athletes in an effort to make outdoor sports more inclusive.

After 2 weeks stuck inside, Edmontonian wants more snow cleared from sidewalks

A man in a wheelchair is calling on the City of Edmonton to step up its sidewalk snow clearing, after being stuck in his house for two weeks after recent winter storm.

U of A student thought she was preserving her native language. Turns out it's thriving

Mikaela Yeo moved to Canada several years ago from Zamboanga City in the Philippines, where Chavacano, a type of Spanish-based Creole is spoken by about one million people.