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Liam Harrap is a journalist at CBC Edmonton. He likes to find excuses to leave the big city and chase rural stories. Send story tips to him at

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Keeping ants as pets: Enthusiasts in Edmonton say it's becoming a thing

With its river valley, Edmonton has a lot of good habitat for ants, says Zachary Liu, a second-year biology student at McGill University in Montreal. Liu owns a business called Canada Ant Colony.

Canada's lakes are becoming less blue — but that could be good for fish

As glaciers retreat or disappear because of climate change, the Canadian Rockies' iconic turquoise-coloured lakes will be lost.

Watch where you step: Tourists voice concerns after slipping into holes on icefield glacier

Some tourists are raising concerns after stepping into holes in the ice on a popular glacier tour in Jasper National Park.

Sherwood Park residents campaigning against non-profit's new youth facility

BGC Strathcona County is looking to expand and build a new state-of-the-art facility in Sherwood Park. But, some residents are pushing back. 

One of Alberta's top arm wrestlers is a 9-year-old who can deadlift 150 pounds and flips tires for fun

Tristan Arseneault has been a Greco-Roman wrestler since he was three and can deadlift 150 pounds. About a year ago, Tristan took up arm wrestling after beating a youth national silver medallist and got hooked — so to speak.

Why Jasper National Park isn't replacing some backcountry bridges after they're washed away

As more backcountry trails in Jasper National Park have fallen victim to the elements, park authorities say there are a variety of reasons why some trails are not being maintained despite sustaining environmental damage.

Alberta village first to use recall legislation to eject councillor

Residents from the Village of Ryley are the first in Alberta to use recall legislation to get rid of an elected official. 

Why this small Alberta community is asking the province for a municipal inspection

Beset by financial and other challenges, the village of Andrew, Alta., is asking the province for a municipal inspection.

Already struggling, this Alberta village faces losing its only school

Although the school in Andrew, Alta., has capacity for 385 students, only 62 children attend. Enrolment is expected to plunge next year to 44, with only three kids in kindergarten. The school is being considered for closure.

After the last coal mine closed, this Alberta hamlet set on becoming a tourist destination

When the Cardinal River Mine closed in 2020, it was the end of more than a century of coal mining near Cadomin, Alta. Coal was one of the main economic drivers in the area, helping fuel the steel making industry. But instead of becoming a ghost town, the community is building a new business base: tourism.