Kashmala Fida Mohatarem

Kashmala Fida Mohatarem is a reporter and associate producer with CBC Edmonton.

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Ukrainian scholars able to keep working with new funding initiative at University of Alberta

The Disrupted Ukrainian Scholars and Students initiative, created in the wake of Russia's attack on Ukraine, has already distributed about $600,000 and helped more than 30 students and scholars

New manufacturing plant to create sustainable economic growth for Alberta First Nation

Alexander Valve and Supply had its opening on Friday, marking a new era of self-sustaining economic growth for the First Nation community northwest of Edmonton. 

New Ukrainian students in Edmonton look forward to a normal school year

The Edmonton Catholic School Board is welcoming 237 Ukrainian students, the majority of whom are registering in schools offering a Ukrainian bilingual program. 

Proposed arts hub in McCauley would include materials from U of A Ring Houses

Primavera Development Group wants to use bricks from the old Ring Houses at the U of A in a proposed project to turn a vacant lot on the northeast corner of 95 Street and 106 Avenue into the McCauley Arts Hub.

She took a photo every day for 10 years, and celebrated with this awesome mosaic

Clare Gibson took all the photographs she has taken over the course of the years and created a mosaic commemorating her achievement.

As heat returns, Edmonton prepares to help city's most vulnerable

Edmonton is gearing up for a heat wave once again and preparations have begun to help support the city's vulnerable population.

Secret mural to honour Indigenous community in Beaumont, Alta.

A new mural in the works in Beaumont, Alta., aims to bring the city's people together and highlight the city's Indigenous community. 

Cassettes are making a comeback — but in Edmonton, they never went away

A number of mainstream artists are now releasing their music on cassettes, but the Edmonton Indie music scene never let go of the vintage technology.

Researchers unearth more dinosaur fossil finds near Grande Prairie, Alta.

The discovery of a partial juvenile skull, hip bones and leg bones is providing researchers with a snapshot into the lives of the Pachyrhinosaurus.

When the summer job market let them down, these Alberta teens got Da Scoop

Four entrepreneurs who turned 16 during the pandemic couldn't find summer jobs due to their age or inexperience. So they took matters into their own hands, with ice cream.