Kashmala Fida

Kashmala Fida is a reporter and associate producer with CBC Edmonton.

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Advocacy group launches letter-writing campaign to address period poverty in Alberta

No Woman Without, an organization that started as a donation drive for menstrual products and is now doing advocacy work, started the campaign for Women's History Month.

Black Identities: Highlighting four prominent Black communities in Edmonton

The Black Identities series looks at prominent Black communities in Edmonton, their presence in the city and highlight how they differ in culture, religion and language.

Storyteller Ivan Coyote to perform 'Eye, Heart, You' for Alberta LGBTQ students

Writer and spoken-word performer Ivan Coyote is presenting "possibly true love stories" for the Alberta Teachers' Association's Eye, Heart, You event for students and teachers on Valentine's Day.

Mountain encounters: The many celebrity experiences of one 91-year-old Jasper resident

With the cast of The Bachelorette coming to Jasper, long-term resident Sandy Robinson recalls his numerous encounters with other A-list celebrities

Edmonton student's TikTok take on stenography puts shorthand on the social media fast track

Stenography, the old-fashioned art of writing shorthand, is getting a popularity boost thanks to a series of how-to videos posted by an Edmonton student.

Former councillor Kim Krushell joins Mike Nickel in mayoralty race

There are now four confirmed candidates running for mayor in Edmonton.

Edmonton Sikh community provides free groceries to those in need during the pandemic

Sikhs For Humanity has been operating for seven years and plans on opening their own kitchen in downtown Edmonton

Canada Post honours Black community of Amber Valley, Alta., with new stamp

For Black History Month, Canada Post is honouring the forgotten community of Amber Valley with a postage stamp, in hopes of educating Canadians.

How TikTok 'skinfluencers' are boosting the bottom line of the beauty business

The unique algorithm of TikTok brings skincare advice and product recommendations to a huge audience -- and for some businesses, the attention has them feeling in the pink.

Jobber's success helping pave way for continued tech growth in Edmonton

Edmonton tech company Jobber has raised $60 million US in growth financing to help fund research and future growth. It plans to hire 200 more people, says co-founder Sam Pillar.