Julia Wong

Senior reporter

Julia Wong is a senior reporter based in Edmonton.

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Calls grow for HEPA air filters in Canadian classrooms

As the highly transmissible Omicron variant fuels record-high case counts, and schools across Canada delay in-person learning, calls are growing for another layer of protection to be added to classrooms — HEPA filters.

Here are some of the ways rural Alberta is tackling homelessness

Funding for homelessness can often focus on urban centres and money from all levels of government is neither consistent nor timely, leaving some rural communities left to fend for themselves. Two Alberta municipalities are using unique methods to tackle rural homelessness

As provinces limit PCR testing, should Canadians be able to report rapid test results?

In much of the country, rapid tests indicating positive COVID-19 results are going uncounted and are not included in official provincial case counts.
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Missed diagnoses, PPE failures: How the Misericordia COVID-19 outbreak unfolded

Despite its completion nearly 16 months ago, the report into the June 2020 COVID-19 outbreak at Edmonton's Misericordia Community Hospital hasn't been publicly released. CBC News obtained a copy through a freedom-of-information request.

Companies ponder role of boosters in COVID-19 vaccination policies

As access to COVID-19 booster doses is expanded across Canada, some companies with vaccination mandates are having conversations about whether the additional doses will be a requirement for employees.

Hundreds have tried to enter Canada with fake COVID-19 test results, proof-of-vaccine documents: CBSA

The Canada Border Services Agency says it has intercepted hundreds of suspected fake COVID-19 test results and vaccination records from people trying to enter the country.

Helium shortages leave some western Canadian universities scrambling

Researchers at the University of Alberta are struggling with a helium shortage, which could potentially put scientific research in jeopardy — and put equipment at risk of damage.

Despite Alberta's pleas for single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, uptake is slow

in a bid to raise vaccination rates among holdouts, doses of Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine are now available in several provinces, including British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta. But uptake of the single-dose option has been slow.

Supply chain delays could mean you'll soon be paying more for craft beer and wine

Supply chain issues that started during the COVID-19 pandemic are creating challenges for craft breweries and wineries, affecting everything from packaging materials to ingredients. Some fear the added costs that come with that may have to be passed on to consumers.

COVID-19 hospitalization can leave psychological impacts on patients, psychologist says

While the long-term physical impacts of COVID-19 have been well-documented, psychologists say patients should also be aware of the psychological and mental health impacts.