Graham Thomson

Freelance contributor

Graham Thomson is an award-winning journalist who has covered Alberta politics for more than 30 years, much of it as an outspoken columnist for the Edmonton Journal. Nowadays you can find his thoughts and analysis on provincial politics Fridays at, on CBC Edmonton Television News, during Radio Active on CBC Radio One (93.9FM/740AM) and on Twitter at @gthomsonink.

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Cue the scary music: It's Alberta attack ad season for UCP and NDP

Notley ads say we can't afford Smith's party. UCP says we can't afford NDP. Luckily, each team can afford plenty of ads saying this.

Danielle Smith: How does a divisive candidate become a unifying premier in Alberta?

From political pariah to premier — Danielle Smith's political comeback is one for the ages.

UCP leadership candidates choose their targets — and dance partners — in final debate

The final public forum in Alberta's United Conservative Party’s leadership race Tuesday evening was less of a debate and more of a dance competition.

Danielle Smith launches charm offensive in the Alberta United Conservative Party leadership race

After weeks of heated rhetoric in the United Conservative Party leadership race, the perceived front runner, Danielle Smith, is trying to cool things down by embarking on a charm offensive.

Let's take a look at the currents swirling inside the UCP leadership race

There might be seven people on the track, but UCP leadership hopeful Danielle Smith seems to be the only one with a steering wheel — and she's leading everybody in circles with no off ramp.

Think you know who'll replace Jason Kenney? Think again

Who will win the UCP leadership? Who is the front-runner? The two questions might sound like the same thing but they are vastly different, writes Graham Thomson.

Jason Kenney's capitulation as UCP leader is a catalyst for more chaos in Alberta politics

Premier Jason Kenney insisted for months he’d be satisfied with getting the most simple of majorities of 50 per cent of the vote plus one ballot in the leadership review. But, after receiving a paltry 51.4 per cent of the vote, he decided to step down as leader. It now means that Alberta is set to have its sixth premier in 10 years.

What will Jason Kenney's outspoken UCP caucus mutineers do should he win the leadership vote?

May 18 is supposed to be the day when the fighting over Premier Jason Kenney's leadership stops. That's the day we will know whether Kenney has survived the United Conservative Party's leadership vote.

Stranger than fiction: Alberta politics has entered the realm of absurd melodrama

Alberta politics needs a new dictionary, or maybe a thesaurus — a source for words to better describe the province’s political landscape that is beginning to resemble a badly written soap opera.

Brian Jean's byelection win sets the stage for showdown with Alberta Premier Jason Kenney

Brian Jean who won’t be sworn in as an MLA until April 5 and thus will be unable to be a thorn in Jason Kenney’s UCP caucus for another three weeks. But they’ll be battling behind the scenes by proxy if not actually in the streets.