Graham Thomson

Graham Thomson is an award-winning journalist who has covered Alberta politics for more than 30 years, much of it as an outspoken columnist for the Edmonton Journal. Nowadays you can find his thoughts and analysis on provincial politics Fridays at, on CBC Edmonton Television News, during Radio Active on CBC Radio One (93.9FM/740AM) and on Twitter at @gthomsonink.

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Not so united conservatives: Kenney being punished politically for doing the right thing

The mutineers haven’t tried to seize control of the boat or toss the captain overboard but you have to wonder if they’re getting ready to abandon ship.

Supreme Court decision puts pressure on Kenney to introduce a made-in-Alberta carbon tax

Kenney has to either accept the federal tax imposed on Alberta or come up with his own tax.

Here's why Alberta's recall legislation is as mythical as Bigfoot

While Bigfoot was making headlines this week in Alberta, another mythical beast was spotted in the province: Democratic reform, in the shape of two pieces of legislation introduced by the Alberta government.

Kenney's carbon capture conundrum: How do you fight Ottawa while also begging for money?

A troubling sense of déjà vu began descending on Tuesday during a news conference where Alberta politicians touted a government-supported technological solution to human-made climate change.

OPINION | Alberta's new budget merely postpones the 'fiscal reckoning'

Before delivering the new provincial budget Thursday, Alberta Finance Minister Travis Toews bought himself new cowboy boots, but a pair of ballet shoes would have been more appropriate.

OPINION | Kenney in a no-win position as clock ticks down to a new provincial budget

Are you wondering what happened to the “fiscal reckoning” that Premier Jason Kenney kept warning us about last year?

OPINION | Kenney faces headache and humiliation as Biden prepares to kill Keystone XL

When word leaked this week that Joe Biden would pull the plug on the Keystone XL pipeline project the first day he’s sworn in as president, the only person who seemed shocked was Premier Jason Kenney.

OPINION | COVID-19 acted as distraction as Kenney pushed major legislative changes

The coronavirus is like sand at a beach picnic — it gets into everything.

OPINION | After going eyeball to eyeball with COVID-19, Kenney finally blinks

After months of pleading with Albertans to take “personal responsibility” to stop the spread of COVID-19, Premier Jason Kenney has finally taken personal responsibility himself.

OPINION | Kenney blows hot and cold on federal government in span of 3 days

Buried amidst the ongoing COVID confusion and controversy this week in Alberta came a bit of unusual news: the UCP government and NDP opposition agreed on something.