Gabriela Panza-Beltrandi

Gabriela Panza-Beltrandi is a CBC reporter based in Edmonton. She worked in newsrooms in Toronto, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Yellowknife before joining CBC North in 2017.

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Edmonton man donating blood and plasma to replenish units that saved his wife

Glenn Cook's wife, Liz, needed nearly 500 units of blood in plasma to save her life. After they married he decided to become a regular blood and plasma donor as a way to 'replenish' the units she'd needed.

Edmonton's Food Bank struggling with massive demand as inflation, prices soar

More people than ever are using the food bank, and at the same time, donations are getting harder to come by, according to Edmonton's Food Bank.

Descendants of WW II soldiers travelling to the Netherlands for 60-kilometre pilgrimage

More than 75 years after Canadian soldiers helped liberate the Netherlands during the Second World War, 100 of their descendants — including 11 Albertans — will walk in their footsteps.

Ukrainian booth at Edmonton Heritage Festival promotes culture as war continues in Europe

The Ukrainian booth at Edmonton's Heritage Festival saw thousands visit to learn about the country culture as the war with Russia continues.

Edmonton-area first responders back in the saddle for annual fundraising rodeo

Police traded in handcuffs for lassos as they and other first responders took to the Kinsmen Rodeo Grounds this weekend in the third annual First Responders Rodeo in St. Albert. 

'People need people': Edmonton man feeds those in need

Dale Desjarlais is helping people in downtown Edmonton by handing out free food every other weekend.

Contractor, 26, killed at Suncor mine near Fort McMurray

Occupational Health and Safety is investigating after a 26-year-old contract worker was killed Thursday morning at Suncor's Base Mine near Fort McMurray.

'We wanted people to feel like they belonged': Rural Alberta churches celebrate 2SLGBTQ Pride

Across Alberta, more rural churches are celebrating 2SLGBTQ communities, but activists say there's still work to do.

First the pandemic, now inflation: Edmonton restaurants struggling amid rising food costs

Statistics Canada says food prices have increased by 9.7 per cent in the past year, meaning Edmonton restaurants need to raise prices or eat up the additional costs. 

Why being Instagrammable is becoming the cost of doing business to get ahead

In the age of social media, businesses are learning that being Instagrammable could help them get ahead.