Emily Fitzpatrick

Video Journalist

Emily Fitzpatrick is a video journalist with CBC Edmonton.

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Treading water: Edmonton swim clubs struggle to find pool time amid closures

Edmonton swim clubs are struggling to find time for their athletes to train after four major pool closures since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Restoration of Pendennis building in downtown Edmonton unearths relics from the past

When renovations began under a previous owner back in 2007, artifacts were found hidden in the walls and tucked away in old closets.

Interest in e-bikes soars as Edmontonians return to commuting

For the third year in a row, bike shops are busting with customers hoping to get outside this summer.This year, many customers are interested in e-bikes.

Ukrainian flags selling out across Edmonton in yellow and blue show of support

Edmonton stores that sell Ukrainian flags are struggling to keep up with demand from people looking to support the country under attack by Russia.

Peak perfection: Alberta Rockies rise as popular ice climbing destination

The sport of ice climbing has been around for years but interest in it has grown exponentially in the last decade.

Spike in carbon monoxide incidents in Edmonton accompanies recent plunge in temperatures

In Edmonton, the fire department responded to 34 calls involving carbon monoxide between Dec. 23 and 28.

Edmonton artist's dream in pieces after repeated break-ins to her new glass-blowing studio

It started when Leah Kudel returned from a trip to Calgary to discover substantial damage to a studio door. Inside, she found weapons, clothing and electronics.

Edmonton Public Schools calendar tweaked for 2 more inclusive holidays

When families are gathered together eating Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner, most kids aren't thinking about homework due at school the next day.

Edmonton live entertainment venues return after a long intermission

This month the Jubilee Auditoriums in Calgary and Edmonton held the first full productions since shutting down in March of 2020.

With too many instruments to count, Edmonton collector puts a new spin on house music

From ukuleles and guitars to harmonicas and kazoos, the basement of Ron Mercer's Edmonton home is stuffed with a musical collection that's been 35 years in the making.