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Associate Producer/Technician

Clare Bonnyman is an award winning producer and reporter with CBC's Edmonton AM. With a focus on audio, podcasting and creative sound production, she likes making things that sound good. Reach out at

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Not a hair out of place: Gender-neutral pricing comes to Edmonton salons

A growing number of salons in Edmonton are making a point to offer prices based on style of cut, rather than the client's gender.

In sweetness and in health: Is there a conspiracy between Edmonton fitness clubs and bakeries?

When a CBC listener wondered if there was a conspiracy between her gym and the bakery next door, we launched a tongue-in-cheek investigation into the theory. It was a delicious job but someone had to do it.

Rise in food bank use hints at larger issue across region

Food security is not a food issue. That’s a message that Lisa Needham, a Public Health Nutritionist in Waterloo region, struggles to get across. “Where we have actually seen results has been through social policies that focus on income,” she said.

Hamilton Wentworth Detention Centre giving naloxone to inmates when released

Inmates released from the Hamilton Wentworth Detention Centre are being given naloxone kits to combat opioid overdoses. Research shows that the rate of death from overdose is more than 50 times higher in the two weeks following release from custody.

Canadian entertainer Gordie Tapp dead at 94

Canadian entertainer and former CBC broadcaster Gordie Tapp, once described as the "world’s finest storyteller," died Sunday at 94.

Homeless for a decade, Waterloo grad Jesse Thistle wins Trudeau scholarship

Jesse Thistle, a master's graduate from the University of Waterloo, was named this summer as a Trudeau scholar. It's a huge honour for Thistle, who was previously homeless, and struggled with addiction for more than a decade.

Foreign investment limits 'overly restrictive' for Canadian airlines, says Laurier economist

Advocates in Canada are calling for the federal government to raise current limits on foreign investment for airlines and experts say it's not a bad idea.

Guelph's Hillside Festival feeling the pinch from WayHome

Guelph's Hillside music festival is facing challenges this year, with the second annual Wayhome music festival happening the same weekend. The added competition has decreased attendance last year, and ticket sales this year for Hillside.

Small-scale online-entrepreneurs face up to risks of a postal stoppage

Small-scale online shops are trying to prepare themselves for a potential mail strike this weekend, one that could have serious effects on their business.

What you need to know about possible work stoppage at Canada Post

Tips and information to help you manage if and when you find yourself without mail.