Christy Climenhaga

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Christy Climenhaga is a meteorologist and CBC Edmonton's climate reporter, covering the impacts of climate change for the Prairies. She has worked as a CBC on-air meteorologist for more than 10 years, in the North and Saskatchewan. Have a climate question? Reach out at

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You guessed it: May was the hottest on record for much of Alberta, including Edmonton

The numbers are in, and May was one for the record books. Nine reporting stations saw record hot conditions for the month of May, and the warmer than normal weather looks to stretch into the summer.
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If a forest has a variety of tree species, is it better at fighting climate change? A U of A study says yes

Tree diversity is declining in forests around the world, but advocates are urging better management practices in the wake of new research that shows diverse species can increase a forest's carbon storage ability.
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What this weekend's heat means for Alberta's wildfires

After a lull in the warm weather, hot conditions are building back into Alberta. We take a look at what that will mean for the fire season, and what we can expect this year.
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Fire from fire: How wildfires can create their own weather and lightning

The recent wildfires in Alberta have included some pyrocumulus clouds. These clouds create their own local weather and even lightning that can ignite more fires. We look at how they form, and what we expect with lightning and climate change.
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What would nuclear power look like for the Prairies?

There has been a buzz around nuclear power in an effort to decarbonize our energy sector. Canada has a long history in nuclear energy, but what could its future on the Prairies look like? What are the risks? Could it be a viable solution for increased energy needs with climate change?
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Alberta's early May heat the perfect recipe for wildfires

Record heat has moved in Alberta for the first week of May, driving extreme wildfire conditions before the summer green-up.
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How peatlands on the Prairies are at risk from climate change

Peatlands are often thought of as useless swamps but are critical carbon stores. We explore what is happening on Canada’s peatlands and what can be done.
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Climate change is impacting bird migration patterns. Here's what we know

Climate change is affecting all aspects of our land, and also what flies in our sky. Bird migration is changing as average temperatures rise. So what does that mean for our bird species?
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What the decline of mountain snow cover means for Canada

Snow covered mountains are the quintessential picture postcard of the Canadian Rockies but our mountains are seeing shorter snow seasons as our climate changes. So what will our mountain snow look like in the future and what will that mean for those relying on that water?
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Here's what's behind the latest northern lights display

This month has been a good one for aurora photographers, and Thursday night featured auroras as far south as New Mexico. So what’s behind the latest light shows, and can we expect more?