Caitlin Hanson

Visuals producer

Caitlin Hanson is a multi-platform news and features producer with CBC Edmonton, producing visual content for television, digital and social media broadcast. You can send her story ideas at

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Only one who wore a costume at work? This tweet's for you

A videojournalist at CBC Edmonton became a beacon of holiday cheer on Halloween, representing all those lonely souls who found themselves the only ones in costumes at their workplaces.

Grizzly caught on camera mid-moose feast in northern Alberta

It's not every day that you happen to spot a grizzly bear enjoying a moose dinner up close.

Alberta parents of identical quadruplets use colour coding to tell them apart

The parents of identical quadruplets born in Alberta have come up with a novel way to tell them apart — colour-coded earrings.

Fawn delivered by C-section finds friend, future at B.C. refuge

A fawn delivered by C-section on the side of a B.C. highway is now recovering nicely at a wildlife refuge near Smithers, B.C.

'There's tears coming to my eyes': Owner reunited with lost Fort McMurray photos

An Alberta family will soon recover a small piece of home after a pair of photos lost in their hurried evacuation from Fort McMurray were found by a municipal worker.

Fort McMurray worker trying to reunite found photos with unknown evacuee

A municipal worker in Fort McMurray is trying to track down the rightful owner of some found photos in the wake of the wildfire.

'Something good can happen': Fort McMurray firefighter proposes marriage amidst flames

In the midst of a city-wide tragedy in Fort McMurray, surrounded by smoke and uncertainty, two firefighters found a reason to celebrate.

Fort McMurray fire: What people brought with them

With only minutes to pack up their belongings, residents of Fort McMurray had to make decisions in a hurry. That means some peculiar things are showing up in the luggage of those who had to flee their city.

Edmonton man performs traditional Cree dance on moving escalator

A Cree teen caught on camera performing a ceremonial dance on a moving escalator is grabbing attention online.

5 things to do in Edmonton this weekend: April 22-24

Sharks and jets, cabins and cottages, and Hollywood with an exclamation mark