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In Edmonton's transit stations, outreach teams are bringing help — and hope — to people in need

In the Central LRT station, two members of the Community Outreach Transit Team find a woman sitting on the tile floor, a hood covering her face. Used naloxone kits are scattered on the ground next to her.

Location, location: Why Edmonton is preferred by U.S. chains making their Canadian debut

Edmonton's population make-up, eating habits, affordability and the presence of a giant mall are factors that experts in the industry say play a significant role in attracting these businesses. 

How buying graphics cards became a quest for Edmonton gamers and crypto miners

At the crack of dawn on a cold winter morning, a long line of people had already wrapped around the Best Buy in south Edmonton. They came with chairs, food supplies, propane tanks, and some with tents and sleeping bags. 

'We feel like we're in a war zone': Neighbourhood fires worry Edmonton residents

Residents are calling for answers after a recent series of fires in the Alberta Avenue neighbourhood.

Site of former Camsell Hospital searched for unmarked graves

Edmonton area First Nations and the site's developer are both waiting to hear the results of the recent radar search. 

School on the land: Indigenous teachings get kids outside the classroom

Parents and First Nations schools are turning to education options like medicine picking and getting out on the land as outdoor options for schooling amid COVID-19.

Indigenous stroke survivor says health system repeatedly failed her

Valerie Sawdo had a stroke and went to the ER, but her doctor told her the symptoms weren't serious.

'We're still here to help': Meet the Alberta workers making house calls during the pandemic

Certain services require a personal house call, even during a global pandemic. 

Faith at a distance: new restrictions for Alberta places of worship

Alberta Chief Medical Officer of Health announced Mar. 15 places of worship are now subject to health restrictions on large gatherings.

The life-saving medicine she needs is cheap, common and unavailable in Canadian pharmacies

While doctors removed a rare parasite growing on Cassidy Armstrong's liver before it killed her, she doesn't know if she'll receive the medication she'll need for the rest of her life. Her temporary supply of the drug is running out and she's still waiting for Health Canada to provide long-term access.