Adrienne Lamb


Adrienne Lamb is the host and producer of Our Edmonton featured weekly on CBC TV. She served for several years as CBC Radio's national arts reporter in Edmonton. Prior to moving to Alberta in 2001, Adrienne worked at CBC in Ontario and New Brunswick. Adrienne is a graduate of Western University with a degree in English and Anthropology and a Masters in Journalism.

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Summer is officially here. Now, what to do with it? We're sharing a few ideas that might help, including some cheap and free suggestions closer to home as gas prices continue to soar.

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Thousands of grain elevators once dotted the Prairies, but now only a handful remain. Five in the capital region stand out on the historic landscape and might make a destination worth exploring this summer.

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Sandwiched between two convenience stores and across from an eye clinic in central Edmonton, a community garden is once again springing to life. 

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Canadians could have 15 more national parks by 2030. The federal government has mandated Parks Canada to create a network of national urban parks. Here's where it's at and what's to be learned from the only example we have so far, Rouge.

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A river runs through it and that means the City of Edmonton has a lot of bridges. How many you ask? The answer may surprise you.

Open spaces, crowded places: Parks staff brace for another pandemic summer

COVID-19 led to Canadian parks and green spaces being flooded with a sea of visitors. Now heading into the third summer of the pandemic, park officials are once again preparing for the crowds and all that comes with them.
Interactive map

60 sweet spots to explore this spring and summer in the capital region

After a new park or green space to change things up? Well then, you're in luck. We're hooking you up with a map teeming with gems in and around Edmonton.

Building Blatchford: Assessing progress on Edmonton's ambitious sustainable community

Blatchford has gone from being the country's first municipal airport to a large sustainable building project. Here's is a look at how things are progressing in the central Edmonton community.