August flooding causes $1-million damage at St. Joseph High School

A heavy rainstorm during the first week of August caused heavy flooding in the basement of St. Joseph's High School. More than a metre of water filled the basement and resulted in many of the school's instruments being destroyed.

'It really is a huge loss,' says Edmonton Catholic Schools spokeswoman after damage to music, drama rooms

Heavy rain in August flooded the basement of St. Joseph High School, filling it with more than one metre of water. (CBC NEWS)

Heavy rainfall this summer has left St. Joseph High School near downtown Edmonton with a hefty bill, after musical equipment and drama props were destroyed by flooding.

"We ended up having about four feet of water in the basement of the school," said Lori Nagy, spokeswoman for Edmonton Catholic Schools.

"It wasn't just water, it was actually a sewage backup so because of that, so many things had to be destroyed."

Sets were destroyed in the drama room, and many costumes will need to be cleaned.

But the music room was hit the hardest, Nagy said.

"We've lost at least 30 musical instruments, things like a bass drum, any wooden instruments, an electric xylophone. Those are the things we just couldn't salvage," she said. "We're looking at about a million dollars, but the insurance is still assessing the damage."

Crews have been rushing to repair the damage before school starts on Thursday. 

"The fact that we had to cut out and replace four feet of wall throughout the entire with all of the instruments, sheet music and a lot of the drama really is a huge loss."

But Nagy said students won't be getting any extra summer vacation, as both drama and music classes will be temporarily set up elsewhere in the school.

"Drama doesn't start on the first day, and neither does music so we have a little bit of time before we need those instruments."