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Ariel Fournier is an associate producer at CBC Edmonton.

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Muslim woman funeral director honours burial traditions for grieving families

Edmonton's Al Rashid Mosque is celebrating the first Muslim woman in Alberta to become a certified funeral director.

Beware of the margarita burn: the unfortunate side effect of limes and sun

After making a round of margaritas by the lake, Amber Prepchuk said the next day she woke up with blisters so severe a doctor told her they were first degree burns.

Edmonton app wins grant to help improve health-care access in Somalia

Khalid Hashi has received $10,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Total eclipse of the heart: Why some Albertans chase the dark side of the sun

A small, devoted group of astronomy enthusiasts from Edmonton have travelled far and wide to see again and again what for most is a once-in-a-lifetime event: a total solar eclipse.

Owner of Edmonton's longest-standing independent bookstore retires

After 50 years in the book business, the co-owner of Audreys Books is turning a page.

Edmonton Filipino basketball community is raising a new generation of players

Basketball is the most popular sport in the Philippines. In Edmonton, ex-pat coaches and league organizers are passing that love to their kids.

'They eat it up': Edmonton screenwriting author discusses power and pitfalls of movie clichés

Edmonton Screen Industries Office CEO, Josh Miller, writes about the pitfalls of movie clichés in his new book, Stuck! Learn to Love Your Screenplay Again.

New, young face of poetry becomes Edmonton poet laureate

Nisha Patel is Edmonton's new poet laureate and she couldn't be happier.

Slow to connect, rural Alberta town opts to provide its own high-speed internet

If you can see the grain elevator, you can get high-speed internet in Viking.

Smart fare machines finally installed on select Edmonton buses

Edmonton Transit Service prepares to pilot fare card system five years after city approval.

Not a hair out of place: Gender-neutral pricing comes to Edmonton salons

A growing number of salons in Edmonton are making a point to offer prices based on style of cut, rather than the client's gender.

Full tummies, warm hearts: Alberta Avenue embracing reputation as foodie destination

Jesus Gonzalez-Rivas will be serving one of his favourite dishes, cassava and baked pork, for Dine the Ave., a week-long self-guided food tour on Alberta Avenue.

Why do major concerts keep cancelling on Edmonton? A local promoter has some ideas.

Accident, illness and a last minute schedule change are among the reasons major performers have given for cancelling recent shows in Edmonton.

'We know what it was like': Slave Lake residents offer help, open homes to people fleeing wildfire

Residents in Slave Lake fled from wildfire in 2011 when the town evacuated all 7,000 residents.

The woman training MMA fighter Cowboy Cerrone at his New Mexico 'ranch of fun'

Shara Vigeant has trained MMA fighters for 10 years, but until meeting one called cowboy she'd never been invited skeet shooting.