Amarjeet Sohi to be acclaimed Liberal candidate for Millwoods

Edmonton city councillor Amarjeet Sohi will be acclaimed Thursday evening as the federal Liberal candidate for Millwoods.

Bhullar calls decision 'murder of democracy'

City councillor Amarjeet Sohi will be named as the federal Liberal candidate Thursday after Varinder Bhullar lost his bid to re-enter the race. (CBC)

Edmonton city councillor Amarjeet Sohi will be acclaimed Thursday evening as the federal Liberal candidate for Millwoods.

Rejected nominee Varinder Bhullar had asked the court to impose a temporary injunction on that nomination, saying he was barred from running after he alleged dirty politics by the party.

When he put up his name as a nominee, Bhullar signed a contract which stipulated the party could remove its endorsement at any time.

In January, the Liberal party disqualified Bhullar from seeking the nomination, saying he had violated his candidate contract by giving away memberships rather than selling them.

Bhullar, however, argued all the people who were sold memberships were on the party’s official membership list, which expired at the end of 2014.

Twelve days later, Sohi announced his candidacy for Edmonton-Millwoods. 

Speaking Thursday, Court of Queen's Bench Justice R.A. Jerke said Bhullar's submissions were "able and thoughtful," but ultimately rejected the injunction.

Speaking outside the court, Bhullar said he was disappointed by the decision, which he called the "murder of democracy."

"I may have lost my political ambitions, but I think I have protected democracy," he said.