Greenhouse owner shows CBC Edmonton how to grow cannabis this summer

Plant to be donated to the University of Alberta’s Alzheimers research group at the end of the summer.

Growth from seed to plant 'an amazing transformation to see'

CBC Edmonton’s Radio Active launched its summer cannabis project with gardening expert Jim Hole on Tuesday. (Thandiwe Konguavi/CBC)

The first grow season of legal cannabis is upon us, and if you are curious about the ups and downs, or "highs and lows," of growing your own pot plant, then CBC Edmonton's Radio Active has you covered.

The afternoon show launched its summer cannabis project Tuesday with gardening expert Jim Hole.

The plants, which will have a high percentage of CBD, the chemical in cannabis that is believed to have some medical qualities, will be donated to the University of Alberta's Alzheimer's research group at the end of the summer.

"When it's exposed to 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness, it triggers the flowering and you get the big buds, what they call the frosty buds, where the medicinal components are," said Hole, in an interview on Radio Active.

"So you'll see that later on in the season. It's an amazing transformation to see that. It's going to be exciting."

The plant will be raised at Atlas Growers' facility outside of Edmonton, where Hole is vice president of cultivation.

Growing and managing the pet project won't be a walk in the park, Hole said.

"It has the name 'weed' for a reason," said Hole, who is also the owner of Hole's Greenhouse in St. Albert.

"It's a vigorous plant. If you have the long days like we do here in the summertime in Alberta, it'll just keep producing more and more leaves."

Radio Active host Adrienne Pan solicited from listeners names for the plant with Buddy outpacing the more obvious Mary Jane.

Other suggestions included Herb, Mary Jane Queen of Pots, and Potsie.

Hole will update listeners on the plant's progress during his regular Radio Active garden column, which airs on Tuesdays at 4:40 p.m.


Thandiwe Konguavi


Thandiwe Konguavi is an award-winning journalist, born in Zimbabwe. She is a reporter/editor at CBC Edmonton. Reach her at thandiwe.konguavi@cbc.ca or follow her on Twitter:


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