Alta. Mountie gets house arrest for beating

RCMP Const. Desmond Sandboe received a six-month conditional sentence for beating a prisoner in the Lac La Biche, Alta. detachment.

RCMP wants Const. Desmond Sandboe fired

RCMP surveillance video showed Const. Desmond Sandboe beating Andrew Clyburn at the Lac La Biche, Alta., detachment on Sept. 13, 2009. (RCMP)

RCMP Const. Desmond Sandboe has received a six-month conditional sentence for beating a prisoner in the Lac La Biche, Alta. detachment in 2009.

Sandboe will serve three months of house arrest plus three months curfew.

RCMP Const. Desmond Sandboe speaks to reporters outside the Edmonton courthouse Wednesday. (CBC)

"I'm glad that this is done," he told reporters outside of an Edmonton court following his sentencing. "It's been a hell of a time here for the last 17 months — a lot of stress, a lot of depression, a lot of anxiety.

"It's a horrible decision I made. I'm hoping to move forward and make the best of things.

"I'd like to apologize to Mr. Clyburn — for him to understand that it was nothing personal."

The nine-year veteran pleaded guilty in November 2010 to violently assaulting prisoner Andrew Clyburn, 33, on Sept. 13, 2009.

In his victim's impact statement, Clyburn said he suffers from memory loss and breathing problems since the beating.

Clyburn told CBC News the 40-second attack started when he corrected Sandboe for mispronouncing his name.

The judge was told Sandboe was suffering from physical and mental exhaustion due to staff shortages when he assaulted Clyburn.

The Crown recommended a sentence of six to nine months in jail, while Sandboe's lawyer asked for a conditional discharge.

Sandboe has been suspended without pay and faces a discharge hearing, said RCMP Assistant Commissioner Marianne Ryan following the sentencing.

"The conduct of this individual member is not only a disappointment to Canadians, it is also very discouraging for all of the men and women who work in law enforcement," she said.

"It will be our recommendation that he is discharged from the RCMP," said Ryan.

The attack wasn't the first time Sandboe was the subject of an internal investigation.

Adam Morrison, an Edmonton city police officer, complained two years ago about alleged mistreatment when he was pulled over by Sandboe.

"It was a terrifying experience being threatened to be Tasered a couple of times and assaulted," Morrison told CBC News last November.

"The RCMP has to wear this," said Clyburn's lawyer Tom Engel following Sandboe's sentencing. "The RCMP failed to protect the public."

Sandboe said he still thinks he's a good cop and he wants to return to active duty.

"I still am a Mountie right now," he said. "I've got a lot of pride. I've got a lot of good times and experiences with the Mounties.… I miss the camaraderie. I miss the guys."