Alberta Sports Hall of Fame celebrates 60 years with 12 inductees

Eleven individuals and a hockey team were inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame at ceremonies across the province Monday.

'You make your best friends in sports'

Alberta Sports Hall of Fame inductees announced

5 years ago
Former Oiler Ryan Smyth and baseball player Betty Carveth Dunn were among the 11 individuals and one team inducted. 1:34

For Betty Carveth Dunn, 91, the recognition was a longtime coming.

Dunn learned Monday she will be presented with the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame Pioneer Award.

"It feels a real honour to be here today, participating with all these younger athletes," said Dunn, one of 12 inductees.

After a successful early career in Alberta, Dunn played in 1945 for the Rockford Peaches and the Fort Wayne Daisies, part of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League that was showcased in the Tom Hanks/Geena Davis movie A League of their Own.

Dunn eventually returned to Edmonton and remained a fixture in the baseball community.

Betty Carveth Dunn holds up her baseball card from the 1945 season with the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. (John Robertson/CBC)

She is one of the oldest inductees to the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame.

"You make your best friends in sports," said Dunn, "and I would like to see other little girls do it too."

This year, the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame is celebrating its 60th year.

It announced the 11 inductees at different events across the province.

The 2017 inductees into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame at the Edmonton ceremony. (John Robertson/CBC)

Former Oiler Ryan Smyth was included in the Edmonton ceremony.

He retired from the NHL in 2014, and has been active in the Edmonton hockey community since.

"Your career ends and other things come into effect," Smyth said. 

"Being a part of the Sports Hall of Fame, especially here in Alberta — it is where I was born, where I was raised — it's quite a thrill and an honour for me."

Ryan Smyth on leaving his final game before retiring from the NHL. (CBC)

The entire 1984/85 NAIT Ooks men's hockey team will also be inducted.

The team went undefeated and untied in the regular season and went on to become Canadian Colleges Athletic Association (CCAA) champions.

The team earned 25 wins, the most wins for the Ooks until 2016, when the team again went undefeated with 36 straight wins.

The 1984-85 NAIT Men's Ice Hockey Team who went undefeated in regular season and held multiple records for their undefeated season. (NAIT)

The full list of inductees:

  • Betty Carveth Dunn - Pioneer Award
  • Jeff Hansen - Bell Memorial Award
  • 1984/85 NAIT Ooks Men's Ice Hockey Team
  • Ryan Smyth
  • Sharon Trenaman
  • Marilyn Palmer O'Connor
  • Herbert McLachlin*
  • Hans Maciej*
  • John Kucera
  • Doug Jones
  • Keltie Duggan
  • Rick Duff


Emcee Lisa Miller reads out the 2017 Alberta Sports Hall of Fame inductees from around the province. (John Robertson/CBC)