Alberta schools: how should we measure success?

Listen to Fraser Institute's Peter Crowely and the Alberta Teacher's Association president Mark Ramsankaar as they debate how elementary schools should be ranked and how parents can make the best choices for their child.
Ranking Alberta's Schools

How should we measure the quality of the schools in Alberta?

The Fraser Institute has released its annual ranking of schools in Alberta, based on provincial exams and other data, in an effort to highlight successful institutions.

Peter Crowley, co-author of the "Report Card on Alberta's Elementary Schools,” says the report is a valuable tool to help guide parents when choosing schools.

But Mark Ramsankar, president of the Alberta Teacher’s Association, says the report card does a disservice to the province’s schools.

He says that the data was never meant to measure individual schools and that it ignores economic realities and skills like creativity and critical thinking.

  • Listen to Crowley and Ramsankar above as they debate on CBC’s Edmonton AM the best way to measure how our province’s children are being taught.