Blackfalds woman shot in her own home during neighbour's confrontation with police

A 48-year old Blackfalds woman was injured during a neighbour's shooting confrontation with police. The incident led to a fatal confrontation with Mounties south of Leduc Wednesday morning. 

Woman shot by suspect in stable condition, suspect not known to RCMP

A man was killed and an RCMP officer wounded during a confrontation on a busy highway south of Edmonton Wednesday morning. (@blackwolfgolf/Twitter)

A Blackfalds, Alta., woman was in her bedroom Wednesday morning when she was hit by gunfire from a man shooting at police.

The 48-year-old woman, whose family asked not be named, is recovering at hospital in stable condition. 

The woman's aunt, who lives in Ontario, told CBC News she was shocked when she found out from her sister what happened. 

"My sister just got bowled over," she said. "She said she couldn't stop crying all day. She's still upset." 

The aunt said her niece heard a noise outside. 

"She just looked out her bedroom window," the aunt said. "She looked and she had blood on her arms. Then she called for help.

"Good Lord, a girl's shot right in her house," she said. "Shot right through the window."

RCMP confirmed the woman was shot while inside her home.

The incident began when Mounties were called to a gun complaint at an adjacent house in the town just north of Red Deer.

When officers arrived, shots were fired at their vehicles and that's when the woman was struck. 

The suspect managed to flee the scene heading north toward Edmonton.

South of Leduc, police used a spike belt to stop the car, which crossed the median into the southbound lanes.  

When it was finally stopped, guns were fired.

The 27-year-old driver was killed and an injured RCMP officer was taken to hospital.

While the injuries were not life-threatening, the officer remained in hospital Thursday and is doing well, said RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Laurel Scott.

The suspect was not known to police, Scott told CBC News.

RCMP are seeking dashcam video of the suspect's vehicle — a black, four-door BMW sedan.

RCMP are hoping some drivers may have recorded footage of the car, which fled the scene in Blackfalds at 8:15 a.m. driving north on Highway 2A to Lacombe before switching to Highway 2 (Queen Elizabeth II).

'Pop, pop, pop'

The shooting, on the main highway between Calgary and Edmonton, was witnessed by many passing drivers.    

Chad Cammock was driving south when he saw several police vehicles following a black car.

"I noticed he's on his rims — this has got to be a cop chase," he told The Canadian Press Wenesday.

Cammock said he saw several police vehicles surround the car and officers pull out their guns.

"I hear pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop," he said. "I thought, 'Holy smokes, they're shooting."'

Cammock said it happened quickly, and he started recording a video on his phone after the shooting stopped.

"It literally happened in about five seconds," he said. "There had to be 30 to 40 rounds.

"I don't know how many [shots] were cops, because obviously that guy started shooting."

Eyewitness describes 'chaos' after shooting near Leduc

CBC News Edmonton

1 year ago
Steve Hutchison describes what he saw during this morning's unfolding event near Leduc. 1:04

Cammock said he saw police pull a man out of the car, and an officer who appeared wounded.

"The cop that pulled up and bumped into the car, you could tell he was injured," he said. "He was on his knees in that video and bent over. The cops were coming to him. He was hit.

"You could see by his cruiser, there was a little bit of blood pooled up there where he got shot."

Photos from the scene show what appear to be bullet holes in the windshield of one of the police vehicles. They also show a black tarp covering a body nearby.

Cammock said the body was exactly where he saw police pull the man out of the car.

"There were five or six cops had him on the ground face down," he said. "That's him, for sure."

Cammock said the police officer was able to get up and walk with others to another spot.

"He wasn't injured to the point where he couldn't walk," he said.

Investigation underway into shooting involving a police officer

CBC News Edmonton

1 year ago
ASIRT is investigating a shooting involving a police officer Wednesday morning south of Leduc. 0:36

With files from Janice Johnston, The Canadian Press