Alberta cabinet minister repays $10K in improper expenses

Alberta Tourism Minister Christine Cusanelli has paid back $10,610 in improperly-charged expense claims.

Tourism minister flew mother, daughter to London Olympics at taxpayers expense

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10 years ago
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Christine Cusanelli says that she didn't fully understand the process when she improperly claimed $10,000 in expenses

Alberta Tourism Minister Christine Cusanelli has repaid $10,610 in improperly charged expense claims.

The rookie cabinet minister wrote cheques to repay travel claims. They include a $4,078 cheque in August to cover the cost of flying her mother and daughter to the London Olympics with her last summer.

Cusanelli wrote more cheques in September, October and November, with the final two cheques written last week

The claims, which breached provincial rules, were revealed in documents posted Wednesday when the Redford government released expense claims for all cabinet ministers.

Cusanelli said Thursday she didn't fully understand the expense process.

"I should have looked at the process better and for that I apologize to Albertans," she said.

Cusanelli said that people often bring their daughters on government business trips.

"In this case, my daughter happened to have her birthday at the same time I was traveling," she said.

A letter from Cusanelli's chief of staff says the minister's expenses will now be handled differently.

"I can assure you new processes have been established to ensure the pattern of reimbursement does not continue," Andrew Fisher wrote in a letter dated Monday.