Alberta Avenue residents frustrated by liquor store applications

The community league says a liquor store keeps applying to open in the area, despite being rejected before - and residents are getting fed up.

Community members living along 118th Avenue say they’re frustrated by repeated attempts to open a new liquor store in the area.

"Residents want more than liquor stores and pawn shops in their neighbourhood," said Karen Mykietka, president of the Alberta Avenue Community League.

Mykietka said the application to open the liquor store on 95 Street and 113 Avenue has been rejected at least once before, because the location is within 100 metres of a playground.

However, she said the people behind the application simply waited until six months passed and were able to submit the proposal again.

It was rejected again, on the same grounds.

Mykietka said the repeated applications are frustrating, especially since the community has focused on improving the neighbourhood and reducing crime in the area.

She thinks the city’s bylaws should be changed to stop repeated applications for proposals that are identical to ones rejected earlier.

"They're allowed to reapply and waste everyone's time city staff and volunteer time once again," she said.

Tony Caterina, the councillor for the area, said that changing the bylaw so that business owners have to wait a year before reapplying would be a solution.

He said in this case, he doesn’t see the application going anywhere, no matter how many times it is submitted.

"For this particular issue, I don't think it's going to see the light of day when it comes down to it," he said.