Albanian brothers ordered to leave Canada

Three teenaged brothers from Albania have been ordered to leave Canada.
Erxhi, Kevin and Kliti Lofca with their uncle and young cousin in August. The brothers are facing deportation to their native Albania. (CBC)

Three teenaged brothers from Albania have been ordered to leave Canada.

Kliti, 13, Erxhyment [Erxhi], 18, and Kevin Lofca, 16, were declared inadmissible following an immigration hearing held Friday in Edmonton. The brothers were found to have overstayed their visas.

The boys' mother Etleva, arrived on a work permit in 2007. She brought Kliti, her youngest son, with her. Five months later, Etleva was diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer and died in August 2009.

Her husband and her two oldest sons, Erxhi and Kevin were temporarily allowed into the country earlier that year and extended their stay because of the severity of her illness. Their permits to remain in Canada expired in December 2009.

Their Edmonton-based aunt and uncle, Patricia Foufas and Bamir Basha, share legal guardianship with the boys' father, who is in Albania. Basha is Etleva Lofca's brother.

The Court of Queen's Bench order that grants guardianship to Foufas and Basha specifies that the boys not be removed from Alberta or Canada "without further Order of this Court."

The family thought this would allow the boys to remain in Canada, but immigration experts told CBC News that federal immigration laws supercede any order from a provincial court.

Foufas said she doesn't know when the boys will be forced to leave.